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5 Looks of Dark Roots Blonde Hair of the Moment – 2020

Women with dark hair are afraid to lighten their mane because they are afraid to let their hair grow between touch-ups. Fortunately, the trend for dark blonde hair roots is still in demand, and it’s time to put your fears aside.

There are different ways to create this style, be it through balayage, traditional highlights, or ombré. Next, we put together several versions of the look so you can decide to dye your hair.

As they say, out there, blondes are more fun, especially during the summer.

Oxygenated Bob

One of the styles of dark blonde hair roots that are very fashionable this season is oxygenated hair. As you can see, this look looks great on all skin tones, particularly tan.

To make the style even more impressive, we recommend cutting your hair with a bob. The only product you need to protect your color is a purple shampoo.

Discolored Blonde

Discolored hair is still in full swing, especially when the ombré technique is applied. This type of dye is perfect for women with naturally dark hair.

The trick is to create a gradient effect, the color of which loses power when reaching the tips. It should be noted that the colorist will apply bleach or bleach to raise the color and thus be able to apply the blonde tint.

Dark Blonde Balayage

The other color technique to show off dark blonde hair roots is balayage. In this type of dye, the professional will paint certain strands of hair with bleach and then with the light dye.

The objective is to add lights to the hair as if you were born with them. Another product that can not miss in your beauty arsenal is a mask for colored hair.

Gradient Curls

Curly hair lends itself to sporting various hair colors because spirals create natural shadows and highlights. The result is a simply stunning litmus effect.

In particular, we love the dark chestnut root with the honey blonde tint that our model sports. These two colors are perfect for women with tanned skin.

Golden Brown Blonde

Possibly one of the best colors to lighten hair is this golden blonde with chestnut. As with previous looks, the colorist will apply bleach to discolor the strands.

To inject moisturizing hair, we recommend applying a nourishing serum. Our favorite product is TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Créme Serum. Infused with keratin, this serum not only revives the hair but also leaves the color vibrant.

blonde Dark Roots

Blonde with dark roots is a hair coloring technique that allows natural brunette roots to blend seamlessly with blonde hair. It is also known as shadow roots or root smudge. This technique is becoming increasingly admired because it is low-maintenance and looks very natural.

There are a few different ways to achieve blonde with dark roots. One way is to start with your natural brunette hair color and then gradually add blonde highlights or balayage. Another way is to start with a solid blonde color and then add darker roots. The best way to achieve this look will completely depend on your natural hair color and your desired outcome.

Blonde with dark roots can be flattering on a variety of skin tones. It can help to create the illusion of depth and dimension in the hair, and it can also make the face look brighter. This hair color is also a good choice for those who want to avoid the harshness of a solid blonde color.

Here are some of the benefits of blonde with dark roots:

  • Low-maintenance: This hair color is low-maintenance because the dark roots help to disguise the growth of new hair. This means that you can go longer between salon visits.
  • Natural-looking: This hair color looks very natural, especially if you have naturally dark hair
  • Versatile: This hair color can be styled in a variety of ways. It can be worn straight, wavy, otherwise curly.

If you are considering blonde with dark roots, I recommend that you consult with a hair stylist to discuss your options. They can help you to choose the right shade of blonde and dark roots for your skin tone and hair type.

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