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11 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

Being in nature creates a particular atmosphere: lively and pleasant. Unfortunately, you cannot always live in the middle of nature to plant trees and carry out all of these activities, especially when you are in the middle of a concrete jungle: a city.

That doesn’t mean you can’t turn your home into one that is inspired by nature. Living in an apartment is particularly challenging because there is little space to let nature in.

But don’t be angry, because below is a list of ways to integrate nature into your home.

Here are the 11 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

1) Place Plants and Flowers Anywhere

The corners and window sills are the best options. But you can experiment with it and set new trends everywhere. B. in bed or the bathroom so that it looks and feels like a spa. Choose plants that thrive in humid environments.

2) Create a Green Wall

If it’s not vertical gardens, a green wall is your next option. And the good thing is that you can put it in your living room. It will surely be a refreshing addition. A green wall in the kitchen with a vertical herb garden is also possible.

3) Set up an Aquarium

Nature is not just about plants. It is also about oceans. A well-maintained reef tank can be a great addition to any room – yet finding the perfect balance between making it look great and ensuring that the water conditions are suitable for your fish to thrive in can be quite a complicated task.

4) Create a garden with balcony

The balcony is usually a stalemate, but you can turn it into a messy jungle. Either a vertical garden or outdoor planter of different sizes is sufficient. Choose containers that complement the shapes and materials of others. Pots over four inches are the best.

5) Put a Succulent Pot

Empty corners best filled with succulents that are separated. In addition to their tenderness, these are perfect plants for forgetful condominium owners. Succulents can tolerate all levels of neglect.

6) Place a Terrarium

On the table or in showcases or shelves. Every exposed place is an ideal place for a small terrarium, which can also be your passion project.

7) Use Botanical Prints.

Don’t limit your options. Botanical prints are also a great option to bring green or eruptions to your home. They come in different styles that adapt to all types of interiors. With this, you shouldn’t worry about whether you have a green thumb or not.

8) Place printed wallpaper Naturally

Printed wallpaper is also a great option to satisfy your nature cravings. New technologies pave the way for high quality printed designs that contribute to an even more intense experience. If it is not a background picture, you can next insert framed pictures of dried plants or flowers.

9) Use natural materials

You can use not only plants but also wood and stone materials to pursue the whole theme inspired by nature. Any content that usually found outdoors can not only include a feature inside the apartment.

For example, unique natural textures such as bamboo or cork floors create a pleasant and more striking and distinctive touch. The same applies to the use of rattan furniture and accessories such as rattan hammocks.

10) Change the usual settings

Speaking of a hammock: you can turn your bed into a hammock so you can relax entirely without sacrificing your love for nature. Or a rocking dining table for fun while eating.

11) Let in natural light

An easy way to incorporate nature is to let natural light into your home. Keep the large windows open during the day. It should work. If possible, install some skylights.

Natural and organic interiors are beautiful these days. However, keep in mind that you live in a residential building that is subject to restrictions. You should talk to the housing association if you ever want to make changes to your unit.

Almost all condominiums manage the building’s facade to maintain the attractiveness of the sidewalk. Nothing is allowed that deviates from the design protocols. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain permission first.