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Top 6 Benefits of Vitamin D that you all Need to Know

Benefits of Vitamin D: There are so many nutrients in nature that we can’t ignore and one of them is Vitamin D. This is a life saviour, and it has incredible benefits. You all might have been taking vitamin supplements only in deficiencies, but when you come to know about its immense benefits, you will increase its intake. Here in this blog, we are going to share some of the amazing gains of Vitamin D to let you know how much it’s essential for our body.

Prevents skin-related issues

We all know vitamin D is abundant in the sunshine, and it is best to prevent all skin related issues. It protects the skin from premature ageing and severe types of skin cancers. Various dermatologists recommend people to spend at least 15 minutes daily in sunlight for daily vitamin D dose. Bodies which have limited ability to produce vitamin D shouldn’t skip the sunlight dose daily at any cost because bodies produce vitamin D in sunlight.

Make your Lungs Strong

Sufficient amount of vitamin D is quite effective for our immune system. It keeps you healthy and fit but make sure you are not following any unhealthy diet routine because it leaves a bad impact on the immune system without knowing anything. Apart from vitamin D, there are so many exercises available for making the lungs stronger. You can get started with 10-15 minutes’ walk and deep breathing. Baby pushups and practising good posture is one of the best things for lungs. All you need to do is to start this journey with exercise that you find comfortable with.

Balance the blood sugar level

Nowadays, everyone has encountered themselves in diabetes because of excessive sugar intake, which is not the right thing to do. Vitamin D protects your body against diabetes. Doctors suggest men and women increase vitamin D and calcium intake because it has almost reduced the risk factor for diabetic patients. It maintains your blood sugar level and does not produce insulin with the help of these nutrients. For example, Metagenics supplements are a very good solution for blood sugar balance.

Good Enough for Strong Bones

You might have come across deficiency of vitamin C for weaker bones but to make your bones strong enough increase the intake of vitamin D. It would fight with muscle weakness and fragile bones and another type of severe body pains. Whenever you feel the deficiency of vitamin D, visit your doctor and ask for the supplements for building and maintaining healthy bones.

Protects the Brain

We all are so frustrated these days in hectic routines, and it leads to so many diseases. Deficiency of vitamin D causes so many issues. Various people have already put their mental health into danger with high consumption of alcohol. Heavy drinkers always give themselves calmness with excessive alcohol intake. They need to take part in alcohol recovery programs because it leaves a bad impact on mental health. Insufficiency of vitamin D affects cognitive function as well.

Improves Heart Health

High dose of vitamin D keeps heart arteries more flexible and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Doctors suggest increasing intake of vitamin D supplements to avoid arterial stiffness. It also regulates blood pressure and improves cells functioning in the heart. This nutrient restores damage to the cardiovascular system where heart health is affected by high blood pressure and diabetes. Many patients got a heart attack with the deficiency of D3. Get to know about these deficiencies, which has increased the risk of a heart attack.

Get to know about Vitamin D rich food

Here we are going to share vitamin D rich food. You can get this in supplements as well as in natural food. Take a look and add these foods in your diet.

1. Salmon Fish

Salmon fish has a great source of vitamin D, and it provides a maximum 80% amount of vitamin D. It is a better choice, and one of its half fillets contains 1400 IU of vitamin. Make sure you people have added this in your diet to prevent so many other diseases that are caused because of deficiency of vitamin D.

2. Mushrooms

Do you know mushrooms contain plenty of vitamin D? Mushrooms grow in sunlight, and we all know it is rich in B complex vitamins. Mushrooms have so many varieties, and vitamin d amount varies as per the type. Mushrooms are dried in natural sunlight. It is the best source and you don’t need to skip this.

3. Beef liver

It is a good source of vitamin D and contains 42IU of vitamin D. It has a good source of vitamin B12. Iron and protein. Beef almost has all types of essential nutrients and contains protein as well, so if you are looking for vitamin D then the beef liver is another good option for this.

4. Eggs

Egg contain vitamin D. We need to take at least one egg daily with a recommended dosage of vitamin D. Pasture-raised hens spend most of their time outside, so vitamin D is available in the highest amount. Eggs are a great source of vitamin B12 and protein.

5. Milk

One glass of milk has 20% of vitamin D, and skimmed milk removes vitamin D but nowadays skimmed milk is available with vitamin D to ensure it’s an essential nutrient. Dairy products like cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream don’t contain the vitamin. Just fluid milk has this nutrient.

6. Orange juice

Winters are around the corner and how can we skip the oranges because this fruit is best in vitamin D to start your day. Packaged juice is also available as an alternate option, but you won’t be able to get the nutrients more than fresh juices. One glass of orange juice contains 100 IU vitamin D.

These are some foods which have vitamin D in great amounts so apart from being in sunlight only we need to add these rich sources of vitamin D foods in our diet. Don’t forget to ask your nutrition for this because they would suggest a better diet plan as per your health concerns.

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