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Shining in the Warmer Days – 5 Tips for Beautiful Skin in Spring

Skin in Spring: Is your skin dry and irritated by the cold winter days? With these tricks, you can create a smooth transition to spring.

If you still have debris from the dry and cold winter with you, you should definitely get ready for spring. With these five tips for beautiful skin in spring, you can do it in no time.

1. Deep Cleaning

Dead cells and dander can best be removed with thorough peelings. A fruit acid peeling at the dermatologist or enzyme peelings can stimulate skin renewal and make it glow again. However, a good moisturizer should then be used for care.

2. Use Serums

The thirst for moisture can be ideally quenched with a serum. This is highly concentrated and, therefore, very effective even with a small dose. Thus, the serum should be applied under daily care so that the hyaluronic can work well. The best way to do this, however, is overnight when you don’t wear any additional make-up.

3. Apply Masks

If you want to offer your skin the full spa program, you can apply a mask twice a week. It is ideal, of course, if at least one of the masks provides plenty of moisture. However, deep cleaning of the pores can also be effective.

4. Use Sunscreen Every Day

On a sunny day, you like to go out at noon or take a leisurely stroll in the evening. After the dark months, the skin is particularly sensitive to the sun’s rays, which is why sunburns often occur during ski holidays. It is best to apply a day cream with UV protection so that you are always prepared.

5. Drink, Drink, Drink!

Yes, you hear it again and again, but it’s true: Drinking is now even more essential than it has been in the past few months. The skin needs moisture! So drink lots of water or tea.

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