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How to Stay Cool in a Wig During Summer?

This winter is as cold as some people will remember but now, March is here and with signs of light at the end of a long, dark tunnel of winter and COVID restrictions, we’re getting that little bit closer to thinking of those hot summer months. Maybe even planning for a summer holiday!

For those people who wear wigs, the summer months can create their own problems. It’s a known fact that higher temperatures can make wearing a hair system more difficult, especially for people who are not aware of measures to stay cool in a wig during summers. That’s precisely why we decided to create this blog!

Read on to discover DIY steps to stay cool in a hair system during summer!

#1 Get a lightweight and breathable hair wig

When the temperature starts climbing up, it’s time to order a hair wig that is as lightweight and breathable as possible. Choose a hair topper with a fine, ventilated base – French lace would be a good material – for maximum breathability. Avoid getting synthetic and silk top hair wigs during summer as these could make your scalp sweaty and itchy.

French lace wigs are, therefore, popular for keeping the scalp cool and airy. Apart from being high on breathability, French lace hair wigs are also super realistic. Check out this blog to discover the best hair wigs for summers!

#2 Free your face and neck

Now, we realize it may be uncomfortably hot over the summer months but you won’t want to stay indoors all the time. When you are outdoors, however, you can take small measures to ward off the heat. Firstly, get the strands of your hair wig off your face and neck. It’s an instant way to cool off! Women can put their hair topper in a ponytail while keeping it low to mid. If a ponytail isn’t your thing, wear a silk scarf and use it to conceal the edge of the hair wig and hairline.

Men could opt for short hairstyles to keep themselves cooler during the summer. Either try a mid-fade with brushed-up hair or go with a high fade with a quiff. Both these hairstyles create a balance between style and heat relief.

#3 Avoid direct sunlight

This has to be one of the most important tips for hair wig users during summer. As you will know the sun is at its brightest between 11am and 3pm so if you can, avoid going out during these times. If you really want to try and keep your scalp as well as the rest of yourself cool during hot temperatures, pay attention to this tip.

By not stepping out in the brutal heat, you’re also protecting your skin as well as your hair wig from UV rays.

#4 Wear sunscreen on your wig strands

Summer is the perfect time to go out, to go to the beach, or to hang out in the park with friends – COVID restrictions permitting, of course. Doing all this means you will expose your hair wig to the sun for a longer period of time. Of course, you can wear a scarf or a hat to keep your wig safe from sun but you can also consider using a mist, a spritz, oil or even special sunscreen to protect your hair topper from the sun. All of these products are simple and safe to apply.

Above are some ideas to stay cool in a hair wig during summer. By following these cooling tips, men and women can minimize sweating and itching while wearing a hair topper during the hot summer months.

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