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Why is it So Hard To Find a Good Hair Stylist?

It’s the question that every woman asks themselves once: “why is it so hard to find a good hair stylist?”

How can it be so difficult to find someone to deliver the same perfect result each time without costing you time and money? You would think it would be easy and simple – but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Well, we’ve got some answers that might help you answer this pesky little question.

Three Reasons Why Finding a Hair Stylist is Hard

1) Clients are More Informed About Their Hair Care

Let’s start with the most obvious factor: thanks to the internet and social media, clients know a lot more about their hair than ever before. That ultimately means that clients are more demanding about what they want and how they want it. Customization has become a big part of their demands, which means hair stylists are under the pump to deliver the perfect result. It also means it takes them time to cater to their clients, which many people don’t want. Hence, in some cases, clients can be problematic too!

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2) Hair Stylists Need to Merge Hair Styling With Care

Visit any hair salon, and you’ll find that most stylists are focused on just that: styling. But what clients want is to learn about how to maintain and treat their hair after their appointment. So it’s up to the professionals to know, practice and lift their game to ensure that they can also provide insight for clients to maintain and improve their hair styling. It can be a lot to handle without spending enough time with the client to understand their hair, but it’s something that needs to be done.

3) Lack of Consultations Prior to Stylings or Cuts

This is also a major problem within the industry. A lack of consultations or discussions before treatments means that hair stylists don’t have the time to understand what their clients want fully. It can lead to confusion and ultimately problems with the final outcome, especially regarding colour treatment or balayage. It’s always good then to ensure you find a place that offers a free consultation.

Don’t let these pointers get you down in finding a stylist that suits your needs. The trick is to use them to help you find the right person to treat your hair for the long term.

Thankfully, we’ve already compiled that list for you below.

Four Tips to Finding the Perfect Hair Stylist for You

1) Ask Your Crew

While Google and Facebook reviews are great for overall perceptions of a place, nothing beats personal experience. That’s why it’s best to ask your crew (friends, neighbours, colleagues) about where they go and why. You’ll get some great insight.

2) Free Consultation

We touched on this above, and it’s perfectly fine to mention it again: if they offer a free consultation prior to any treatment. If they do, book yourself a spot. That way, you can get to know the stylist, and they can get to know what you want. If they don’t offer free consultations – still contact them! Sometimes you can get great information when talking to them over the phone!

3) Be Super Clear with What You Want

If you’re unclear on what you want, you can’t blame the stylist for not doing their job right. It’s important to be super clear on your ideal treatment and your outcome. Only then can the hair stylist deliver the results you expect. To ensure your message is clear, explain your hair care routine and the products you use. You should also bring a photo of what you want to showcase what you would like done. In some cases, hair salons will have a portfolio that you can inspect to give you a sense of the type of work they can do for you.

4) Trust Your Instincts and Get it a Go!

All the research and preparation you do can only take you so far. Ultimately, you have to brace yourself and try a hair stylist that you’re most comfortable with. Your experience will give you a good sense – or gut feeling – if the professional is the right one for you. Trust your instincts and book an appointment!

We hope that this article can help you on your journey to find the perfect hair stylist for your needs. Remember: don’t give up! There’s a stylist for every woman out there!

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