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What’s The Hype Surrounding CBD Infused Drinks?

You may have noticed that when you’re browsing the drinks aisles of your local health food store or supermarket, there’s an increasing number of CBD beverages lining the shelves. But why is this type of product so popular and what are the benefits of consuming CBD in this way?

1. Accessibility

One of the primary reasons why CBD-infused drinks are so popular is that they are far more accessible than some other types of CBD products. With an infused drink, you can consume CBD on the go and receive the benefits that this calming compound provides, without being overt or obvious. Some other methods of CBD aren’t as easy to integrate into your life when you’re on the go, such as topical methods, but with a drink you can receive the benefits when you’re travelling or when you’re at work.

2. Ease of Use

CBD isolate is the purest form of this compound, which is derived from the hemp plant, and it can be taken sublingually. Products such as Vitabiotics CBD are taken via a dropper method, for precise dosing, but it also means that they can be added to drinks such as your tea and coffee or cold beverages.

CBD-infused drinks aren’t exclusively available as pre-packaged goods – they can be made at home too, from homemade matcha lattes to CBD-infused lemonades and smoothies. The ease and simplicity of CBD taken in this way means that whether you’re at home or in a cafe, you can still enjoy the relaxing side effects of CBD.

3. Slow Release

Edibles can take between 30 minutes to two hours to feel the effects, while CBD-infused beverages can start working in as little as 15 minutes but can continue to be absorbed between two to five hours in the stomach, so you’ll feel the impact of your beverage far quicker but for a sustained period of time. Because you’re absorbing the CBD into your digestive system, it can get to work more quickly as it’s in liquid so it can be broken down more efficiently. Depending on why you’re using CBD, this may be a benefit to you and your condition, helping you to enjoy the pain-relieving benefits of CBD more efficiently.

Is CBD Right for You?

CBD is typically used to treat anxiety and sleep issues, as it has a calming effect and can be restorative for your mental wellbeing. But it can also be useful for pain and inflammation, such as for arthritis and similar conditions.

It’s worth noting that CBD may interact with other drugs, so if you’re on medication, you should speak with your GP before taking any CBD products to ensure they’re safe for you to do so. CBD isn’t suitable for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding, and it shouldn’t be consumed by people under the age of 18. If you’re in need of something to ease pain in these instances, you should speak to your GP about alternatives.

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