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What Are Cremation Rings?

Fashion, just like the generation, evolves as time goes by. It rotates 360 degrees into simple, innovative, and now memorable jewelry from simple and elegant jewelry. One of the types of jewelry that evolve rapidly with time is cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry is ornamented specially or custom-made with a portion of the ashes of a deceased human. One example of these is the cremation rings.

There are different variations of rings that range from minimalist to fancy bands. Now, as we become fashionable, we can also carry the memories of our loved ones. Having or owning these jewels helps us ease the longing and missing of our loved ones.

Cremation rings are not just any type of jewels you can buy in the market. These are made of different kinds of materials aside from the selected portion of the deceased ashes. Some of the materials used to craft these unique adornments are sterling silver, copper, brass, and different types of gold. All of these materials differ in durability, attribute, and composition. From there, the rings are created.

How Much Does Cremation Rings Cost?

Many might be interested in getting these, but the question is if it is too expensive or not? So fret not as we discuss the price range of these gems. Since it is a specially tailored treasure, its price differs on the design, size, materials used, and other specifications. Also, the price may depend if it is customized or ready-made.

A customized cremation ring ranges from $20USD to $200. Some rings are made of sterling silver to 14k gold. Their price ranges from $280 to $1500 and may go higher depending on your desired design or if it is custom-made or ready-made. The price range is pretty much similar in any type of materials used. The only difference is the store that sells it or how the product is produced.

Many stores sell this jewelry that you can choose from and have customized rings. You may also select either you’ll have it simple, basic, fancy, or elegant. The choice is yours. You may also decide if you’ll buy it from their store or order online.

Why You Should Get One

Cremation jewelry, especially rings, is made because some want to keep their late loved ones with them instead of putting them inside the urn. They feel that their dead family members or friends accompany them as they go from place to place.

For this reason, the evolution of fashion trends over time has become more memorable alongside being fashionable and fancy. As a result, you will be able to immortalize someone and be close with them wherever you go.

Cremation rings might be expensive, but you are willing to pay the price worthy of them if you love someone. Losing someone is unbearable, but these now exist thanks to the brilliant minds of the creators of these gems. We can now be with the people we love even if they have physically left us.

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