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Various Teeth Whitening Methods and Risks

Patients are often interested in teeth whitening that can provide quick results. However, they are also concerned about the safety of the available procedures for home use or dentist offices. In addition, some teeth bleaching products can be expensive, harsh on gums, cause sensitivity to the teeth, or produce undesirable effects.

Most modern popular teeth whitening methods recommended by Dee Why dentist turn to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as their main ingredient. The chemical’s structure is altered through the oxidation process to become HOOOH, also called “free radicals.” These free radicals act like acid; they react with the tooth enamel and provide the whitening effect. However, there are some risks associated with the usage of hydrogen peroxide:

UV/LED teeth whitening is another popular method. It usually takes only 30 minutes to get a noticeably whiter smile. It doesn’t require strips or trays; instead, it uses LED (light-emitting diode) and UV (ultraviolet) rays to penetrate the enamel and lighten the colour. Technology has improved so much that it is possible to get a white smile in only one hour, even at home.

“Zoom 2” teeth whitening system also uses hydrogen peroxide but is different from traditional methods. The H2O2 molecules are embedded within the laser light produced by the machine and help “zap” stains from the enamel while minimizing sensitivity if any.

In-Office bleaching is a teeth whitening method that professionally brightens patients’ smiles by applying hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which penetrates deep into the enamel and breaks up stains on the tooth’s surface. This method usually takes two to three hours with light to medium sensitivity possible.

Typically, this type of bleaching is done with a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide. The teeth are first prepped by removing surface stains and any adhesive residues on the enamel. Next, a primer is applied to help work the bleaching agent into the tooth’s surface. Then, the etchant will be put onto tray moulds or custom trays, which cause the bleaching to take place only on the tooth itself.

This method ensures that patients get good results and also prevents over-whitening. The trays need to be worn for about 30 minutes and can vary from two days to one week to complete the whitening process. It is recommended that teeth be brushed before bleaching and at least every 30 minutes during treatment for optimal results.

At-home teeth whitening kits are a popular choice among individuals who don’t want to go through the trouble of applying hydrogen peroxide from a tray, which can be messy and inconvenient. It is also known as a “do it yourself” (DIY) teeth bleaching system, in which trays are custom-fit with bleaching agents to whiten the teeth at home. However, they usually take place over two weeks, and they can cause sensitivity for some users.

LUMIBRITE Fusion is one of the most promising options in the at-home teeth whitening kit market. It contains hydrogen peroxide as its ingredient and comes in a 15 minutes treatment time, the shortest time among all at-home teeth bleaching methods. This means that it can be used daily and therefore provide faster results than most other systems on the market.

LUMIBRITE Fusion Tooth Whitening Kits break down stains easily with hydrogen peroxide, and it also leaves the teeth smooth and less sensitive. There is a professional effect after each use. The manufacturer promises lasting results for about two months with daily use. LUMIBRITE Fusion Teeth Whitening Kits have been cleared safely by FDA.

LUMIBRITE has been developed to make it possible for people to use it without going through a dentist. The kit has all the required tools and gels needed to whiten teeth at home safely. You can dispose of the gel, as there is no chemical residue left behind that would cause further discolouration of your teeth after bleaching has been completed.

LUMIBRITE Fusion is the only teeth bleaching kit that has been proven to work overtime. It uses a mixture of Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide, not just one or the other. Together, these are three times more effective in whitening your teeth than with either ingredient used alone.

LUMIBRITE kits offer a safe and straightforward way to get the Hollywood white smile you’ve always wanted with little effort.

A dentist can offer this service for you, but it will cost more than $1,000. LUMIBRITE Fusion whitening kits provide an affordable alternative that whitens your teeth at home in less time with no sensitivity or pain involved.