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Different Types of Skipping

There are different variants, techniques, and modalities that can be practice in skipping to increase the skills and difficulty in this exercise. Skipping can perform in pairs, groups, or individually.

Here we have 9 Different Types of Skipping.

1. Inverted Basic Jump

The inverted jump performs by placing the rope on the balls of your feet by passing the rope over your head back, keeping in mind that you should jump when the rope approaches your heels.

2. Side-by-Side Rope Jumps

This jump tries to jump from one side to the other while you turn the loop, this type of jump is like the basic one, but this forces you to move from one point to another.

3. Skipping With One Leg

Jumping with one foot seems simple, but it has its difficulty, it consists of jumping on one foot and then changing to the other.

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4. Scissor Jumps with the Rope

Perform basic jumps, and when you feel ready, you start to put one leg forward and then the other, you must perform it alternately putting the right leg forward and then the left simultaneously.

5. Skipping Rope Jump or Trot Jump

This jump consists of jogging on the spot, alternating both legs while executing the rope movement, the knees must overcome the hip while the toes touch the ground one by one. If you raise your knees to the maximum, you will increase the difficulty of the exercise, and you will notice how it improves your resistance and mobility doing it constantly.

6. Criss-Cross Jump

It is about making a cross of arms as wide as possible, to form the same space as if you were doing a normal jump, in this way you can jump without tripping over the rope. While the legs jump together with a little higher jump.

7. Double Under Jump Rope

It consists of passing the rope twice under your feet in each jump, at the same time that the wrists must turn faster. In the double rope jump form, speed works, and therefore it is one of the most popular exercises in Crossfit competitions.

8. Triple Jump Rope

In the same way that in the double jump, this consists of passing the rope three times under your feet, with the legs slightly flexed and increasing the speed even more on the wrists. This jump rope is ideal for you to increase your speed and coordination.

9. Double Rope Jump with Criss-Cross

This consists of performing two twists of the rope in the same jump, followed by a wide crossing of the arms. This combination will be amusing and challenging, and the sound you will hear will be like an epic fight in the air.

Combine different Skipping into One Exercise Routine

You already know all the basic jumps that perform with the skipping, now combine them and create your training routine. First, try to master the rope jumping modalities so that you include them in your routine. Here we show you a basic exercise routine that you can use to get used to it.

Before jumping, perform stretches for a couple of minutes and start doing skipping as follows:

  • Approximately 30 seconds or 30 jumps from the basic jump
  • 15 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds or 30 jumps from side to side jump
  • 15 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds or 30 scissor jumps
  • 15 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds 0 30 jumps with the rope reversed
  • 15 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds 0 30 jumps with jogging loop
  • 15 seconds rest
  • 10 jumps with a bow to one leg and then 10 more with the other
  • 15 seconds rest.

Follow this basic routine so that you master the jumps, the routine should be repeated 4 to 5 times to do an approximate of 15 minutes of training.

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