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Total Joint Specialists- Symptoms of Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis is a disease that causes swelling and inflammation of the joints in the knee. People with the condition usually find it hard to engage in everyday activities such as walking or going up the staircases. Thankfully, if you have the condition, you can visit a Canton knee arthritis center. Such a center will determine your disease’s seriousness and take the necessary corrective measures. Sometimes the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or recommend surgery. How would you know when to visit total joint specialists? Visit the specialists today if you experience the symptoms below.

Popping or Cracking Sounds

These sounds occur whenever you bend or straighten your knee. They are then followed by a grinding sensation. The symptom takes place when air moves into the soft tissues around the kneecap. This air movement is due to losing some cartilage which aids in a smooth range of motion. After losing the cartilage, bone spurs and rough surfaces start to develop.


As earlier noted, your knee will start to swell. You may experience hard swelling or soft swelling. The former is a result of the formation of bone spurs, while the latter is due to extra fluid collecting around the joint. Swelling normally occurs after an extended period of inactivity. Depending on the kind of arthritis you have, you may have swellings on the knee only or other organs like the eyes. The former is due to contracting osteoarthritis, while the latter happens when you get rheumatoid arthritis.

Deformation of the Knee

This symptom occurs depending on the type of knee arthritis. If you get rheumatoid arthritis, you will notice red swellings. Continual inflammation can lead to permanent damage to the tendons and cartilage, which leads to the changed shape of the knee. Those who contract osteoarthritis have knees with a sunken appearance. Sometimes, the knees may bend outward or point toward each other.

Poor Range of Motion

The moving difficulty is a result of changes within the bone and cartilage. People with osteoarthritis find it challenging to move the knee smoothly to walk and to stand. As for rheumatoid arthritis, the painful swellings make it impossible to bend and flex the knee. Since you experience moving difficulties, you are forced to walk with a cane.

Instability During Movement

This problem happens when the joint has been damaged so much that it interferes with the knee structure. As a result, your knee will start to buckle. Since the joint is damaged, you will experience bone spurs due to the erosion of the cartilage and the rubbing of bones. Finally, you will notice a bump that causes the joint to stick out, which makes bending the knee difficult.

It is impossible to do anything with knee arthritis. If you want to be able to do basic duties like walking, go to a specialist as soon as you can. Your doctor will not only treat your symptoms but also give you tips on how to manage knee arthritis. If you know anyone with the disease, help them seek medical help. That is because the condition interferes with the motion, and they may never make it to a hospital.

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