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Top Ten Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tattoo Ideas For Women: More and more women are choosing to get tattoos, with over half of all tattooed individuals being female. If you’re looking for tattoo inspiration, look no further! Here are ten popular tattoo ideas for women.

1. Flowers

A classic tattoo choice for women, flowers can be inked in various styles and colours. From traditional roses to dainty daisies, there’s a flower tattoo for everyone.

2. Butterflies

Like flowers, butterfly tattoos can also be done in various styles, from simple to intricate. Butterfly tattoos are often seen as a symbol of transformation or new beginnings.

3. Birds

Bird tattoos are another popular option for women, with many different designs. Whether you want a small bird perched on your shoulder or a grandiose peacock on your back, there’s a bird tattoo design for you.

4. Hearts

A timeless symbol of love, hearts make for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo design. Heart tattoos can be inked as a standalone design or combined with other elements, such as flowers or birds.


If you’re looking for a tattoo with meaning, consider inking a quote that is special to you. Quotes can be inked in various fonts and styles to create a unique tattoo design.

6. Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are beautiful, intricate designs used in Celtic art for centuries. These designs can be significant, as they often symbolize the never-ending cycle of life. Celtic knot tattoos are perfect for those who appreciate history and symbolism.

7. Stars

Star tattoos are popular among celebrities and everyday people. They can be simple or elaborate and often represent guidance or hope. Star tattoos look great alone or paired with other elements, such as constellations or planets.

8. Animals

Animal tattoos are always popular choices for women (and men!). There are endless possibilities for animal tattoo designs, from cute and cuddly creatures to fierce and powerful predators. Consider your favourite animal when choosing a design!

9. Hobbies

Got a passion that you want to showcase? Consider turning your hobby into a tattoo! From playing sports to painting pictures, there are endless possibilities regarding hobby-themed tattoos.

10. Symbols

Countless symbols make for beautiful and meaningful tattoos . From religious symbols to cultural emblems, there’s sure to be a symbol that speaks to you . Consider what you want your tattoo to represent before settling on a design.

Our Top Tip!

If you’re worried about the pain associated with getting a tattoo, there is an easy solution – Tattoo Numbing Cream! Numbing creams are designed to block nerve signals and reduce the sensation felt during a tattoo procedure. This can help you enjoy a painless tattoo for some time. These creams are known to make the tattooing procedure more comfortable so you can relax. Be sure to talk to your artist before using numbing cream, as some may not allow it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tattoo Idea is an important decision – after all, this is something you’ll have with you forever! We hope the above list has inspired you to find the perfect tattoo idea for you. Thanks for reading!

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