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Top Features to Check While Sending out Save the Date Cards

Planning a wedding involves a lot of minute details that need to be taken care of, right from the wedding dress to the caterers. One such important detail is sending out save the date cards.

This article will outline the top features to check while looking for save the date ideas. By following these tips, you can ensure that your cards reach your guests on time and look great.

What are Save The Date Cards?

Save the date cards are sent out to notify your guests about the date of your upcoming wedding. They are generally sent out six to eight months before the wedding date.

These are especially useful for pre-planning destination weddings. Destination weddings involve guests flying in from all over the world, and so it is essential to give them as much notice as possible. Reports that a wedding in Mauritius costs $533 in total. It shows that a destination wedding doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can either design your own cards with some creative save the date ideas or purchase ready-made ones.

Why Send Out Save The Date Cards?

Save the date cards are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended. Some couples choose to forgo them because they feel there are enough wedding invitations.

However, these cards have several benefits. Some of them are explained below:

1) They Allow Guests To Plan Their Travel Well In Advance

If you’re having a destination wedding, saving the date cards is essential. They will give your guests enough notice so that they can book their tickets and hotels in advance.

In addition, if you’re having a traditional wedding closer to home, your guests will appreciate receiving these personalized cards. It is especially true for those who travel from out of town.

Save the date cards give guests a heads up to clear their schedules and make arrangements accordingly.

2) They Help To Build Excitement For The Wedding

When guests receive save the date cards, it signals the start of the wedding countdown. It builds anticipation and excitement for your big day.

Your guests will eagerly wait to see what design you choose for your invitations. They will also be excited about what type of wedding you’re planning – a black-tie affair or a more casual celebration.

Receiving save the date cards is one of the first things guests look forward to when they’re invited to a wedding.

3) They Give You A Chance To Show Off Your Personality As A Couple

Your save the date cards are one of the first things guests will see, so it’s an excellent opportunity to show off your personality as a couple.

You can use them to set the tone for your wedding. For example, if you’re planning a beach wedding, your save-the-date cards can feature a sandcastle or an underwater scene.

If you’re having a formal wedding, these cards can be more traditional with elegant fonts and designs.

Top Features  to Check While Choosing The Cards

The Card Design Should Be In Line With Your Wedding Theme

The save the date cards should reflect the overall look and feel. If you’re having a rustic wedding, choose a country-inspired design. If you’re having a glamorous affair, go for something more elegant.

Make sure that the fonts and colors are consistent with your wedding invitations. It will give guests a preview of what to expect on your big day.

Additionally, the cards should be addressed to the specific guest or family. If you’re inviting a family of five, make sure to include all their names on the card.

2) Check The Printing Quality Before You Order

When it comes to save the date cards, the paper and printing quality are just as important as the design. The last thing you want is for your cards to look cheap or blurry.

Before you place an order, request a sample to see the quality for yourself. If the printing is poor or the paper feels thin and flimsy, you’re better off choosing another company. Choose a reputable printer that has a good reputation for quality products.

The cards should be printed on high-quality cardstock with bright colors. The text should be easy to read, and the design should be crisp and sharp.

3) The Cards Should Be Affordable Without Being Too Cheap

Save the date cards are not always expensive. Make sure that you’re not spending too much on something not mandatory. Check out a few different companies and compare their prices before finalizing one.


Now that you know the top features to check while sending out save the date cards be sure to put your best foot forward and create a card that sets the tone for your wedding.

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