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Top 5 ways to Glam up to be the star of your story

Glam up to be the star of your story: Being the leading lady or gentleman in the story of your life is what everyone wants. Your charisma and charm come through every time you interact with someone. It is often said that “first impression, is the last impression”. Making yourself seem approachable is important as your body language and your look can put people at ease. The way people perceive can be changed by ensuring you are comfortable in your skin and you are confident.

You might not need to wear attention-grabbing clothes and jewellery but you can ensure that you are classy whilst also making the other person comfortable. You can definitely try to dress up according to a theme and stick to it. If you are looking for jewellery that can leave the onlooker mesmerized, you can click here and unlock a world of beauty and elegance. Let us look at a few ways to make sure you rock every look, no matter the situation.

1. Create a calming effect

You can adorn clothes and accessories that complement each other. Using excessive colours, textures and jewellery of the same colour as the clothing can be overwhelming. If you are counselling someone or wish to create a calming aura, it is advisable to wear solid colours, especially cooler colours like blue and green.

2. Office wear

Dressing to go to the office can be tricky as there is a thin line to walk. Avoid any accent pieces to wear to the office. If you are getting ready for the office, it is essential to choose comfort over fashion. That makes the whole day at work a little easier on you.

3. Dressing up for an official event

Prepping for a party at your boss’s house? Well, it helps to remember that even though it is a party, you might want to avoid clothes that you wouldn’t wear to the office. Although you can go overboard with the accessories, it might be better to choose formal or traditional clothes. If you are looking for chic accessories that go with all kinds of clothing, check out this website here.

4. House party outfits

House parties are the toughest social events to dress for. You may end on either end of the spectrum if you are not careful. You can never go wrong with minimal accessories and a summer dress or hoops with the bracelet. If you are hosting a party, choose a sensible dress because you may be in and out of the kitchen a few times to ensure the food trays are full. House party outfits can range from a simple tee and pair of jeans to glamorous dresses.

5. Dressing up for an interview

One of the rare times when minimalistic is good and toned down is necessary is when you are picking your outfit for an interview. Simple studs or pearls and shades of brown for makeup are safe choices. Wearing a watch and a simple bracelet along a single string of pearl or only one chain and a pendant is enough.

Different occasions call for a different you. The occasion and your commitment to it should reflect in your outfit. In any case, if you are unsure of what you should wear, you can opt for the least glamourous and most comfortable clothes.

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