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Top 5 Things to Consider if You Wake Up Tired

Sleep Isn’t Always Restful

It’s possible to sleep most of the day and wake up feeling as fatigued as before you went to sleep. There are a few reasons for this. Beyond physical ailments like sleep apnea, which interferes with healthy respiration during the night, there are other details of daily life that can come between you and adequate rest.

If you’re waking up tired, doing nothing probably won’t fix the issue; especially if your issue is a recurring one. Here we’ll briefly explore five things to think about which could represent real solutions to this particular issue.

1. Change Daily Routines

It could be that the way you conduct yourself from one day to the next is keeping you from getting proper rest. Say you end up shuffling off to bed between midnight and two in the morning, you wake up around ten, work till around seven, come home, make dinner, and either play around on an electronic device or watch TV until you decide to meander to the bedroom.

Alternatively, maybe you hit the local bar scene with friends and end up sleeping off a few brews every evening. It’s known that alcohol inhibits your body’s ability to rest. It’s also known that electrical device proximity interferes with your brain’s ability to “recharge”, as it were, during sleep. So maybe you need to just change what you do right before you go to bed.

Instead of spending hours in front of a device, or courting intoxication, find a way of unwinding more peacefully at the end of the day. Maybe put a fire in the fireplace, or read a book, or just drink some steaming hot cocoa and meditate for a spell. Find what is desirable to you, and doesn’t involve either overstimulation or intoxication.

2. Carefully Manage Personal Nutrition

What you eat and when you eat are big factors in how well you can sleep at night. If you eat a lot of acidic foods after five in the evening, there’s an increased likelihood you’ll have to contend with acid reflux at night. The older you are, the worse this tends to be especially if you’re not properly physically active.

Find out which foods impact you at the night, and avoid those which aren’t conducive to rest. Also, don’t eat foods that are unhealthy. When your body is storing high amounts of potential energy in adipose tissue, it can be hard to properly rest.

3. Consider Changing Up Your Mattress

Sometimes the issue is simply that the bedding you’re using isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep. Maybe your present mattress is old, or maybe you’re a sleeper who would do better to acquire a different one. If you think this might be the issue, follow the hyperlink to help inform your purchase of an adequate firm mattress.

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4. Resolve Emotional Issues

Often when you make a mistake you haven’t resolved, you’re going to run through your actions in the day as you try to fall asleep, and the implication of this rumination will keep you from rest.

Sometimes you’re dealing with trauma that tends to manifest in terms of memory when you’re alone with your thoughts. Whatever the case, identify any emotional issues you’re dealing with, and try to deal with them before you decide to go to bed.

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5. Exercise More Regularly

Exercise will wear your body out in a healthy way that causes an increased need for restorative rest. There’s an interesting dichotomy here, in that exercise in the morning is apt to produce a certain level of energy. Endorphins are released in the bloodstream, and after a good aerobic exercise, you feel like you’ve had a cup of coffee or two.

That lasts naturally for the duration of the day, and ebbs away at night, inviting restful, peaceful, healthy sleep. So maybe the issue is, you need to be a little bit more physically active than you normally are.

Awaking Fully Rested

There are a lot of things you can do if you’re having trouble sleeping. Five tactics that can be quite helpful involve exercising more regularly, identifying emotional issues so they can be resolved prior to bedtime, switching your mattress to one more conducive to rest, taking more careful management of personal nutrition, and changing your daily routine.