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Top 5 Care Tips to Make Your Dentures Last Long

Dentures can be a good option for you if you are missing teeth. It helps you skip embarrassment and low self-esteem due to an imperfect smile. The dentures Bala Cynwyd specialists can help you decide if dentures are good for restoring your smile. Maintenance is critical once you get the dentures to ensure they last long and avoid oral health complications. Fortunately, dentures aftercare is straightforward to master. Here are some simple and general tips to help you maintain your complete or partial dentures in perfect shape.

Take Your Dentures Out as Necessary

Your mouth tissue needs time to recover and adapt to the new devices. Therefore, it is important to keep the dentures in the mouth as much as necessary during the initial stages of your treatment. However, it is also necessary to remove the dentures as necessary to create room for your oral tissues to recover. In most cases, denture should be removed when sleeping. However, that might only work for some. Therefore, discuss with your dentist the right time to remove your denture. You might need to keep them out for about 6-8 hours daily at the agreed time.

Store Properly

As mentioned earlier, there are specific times you might have to remove your dentures. It is critical to place the devices in warm water to retain their shape and protect them from harm. You can also consider using a denture cleanser that ensures they remain pliable, retain shape, and do not dry out. Please never put the dentures in hot water; they could warp and affect their fit in your mouth.

Clean Daily

It would be best to clean your new smile daily, as with your natural teeth. It helps remove tartar, food particles, bacteria, and possible stains. Talk to your dentist about denture cleaning products like cleansers to effectively do the cleaning. Cleansers can be tablets, pastes, creams, solutions, and gels. You can also clean your denture with toothpaste or a mild soap with a soft-bristled brush. Talk to your doctor about your toothpaste and toothbrush types to understand if they are right for cleaning your dentures.

Take Care of Your Mouth

There needs to be more than just taking care of your dentures alone to ensure they are safe. It would be best if you continue caring for your gums, teeth, and overall mouth to preserve your smile. Take advantage of the time you remove your denture and thoroughly clean your mouth. It ensures that our clean denture is also returning to a clean mouth. You might still need to floss and brush your teeth, especially when you have partial denture.

Check-in with Your Doctor

Regular dental visits remain important even after getting a new smile overdentures. Check with your dentist at least once a year to maintain your smile and avoid other oral health complications. Watch changes on your dentures fit and observe any other concerns that warrant a visit to your dentist soon. Your doctor can adjust your denture or devise a new solution to fix problems arising from your devices.

Dentures maintenance is straightforward. Contact the Oasis Dental Specialists if you are considering fixing your missing teeth. Make a call or schedule a consultation appointment online for more information.

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