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The Three Best Yoga Retreat Destinations For 2023

People take up yoga for all manner of different reasons these days, and it’s often not long after getting started that people become hooked on being a yogi, and it becomes a vital part of a routine.

Often taking up yoga will come from suffering from anxiety, depression and other forms of mental health issues, and it is often prescribed at drug and alcohol rehab in order to promote calm and a new, stress-free, substance free lifestyle.

It’s all about the mental benefits of yoga as to why rehab centres and many medical professionals now encourage people though, and once you get the bug, there really is no going back.

That’s why many people look to getaway and visit the various yoga retreats around the world, enhancing their own yoga experience and learning more about practices, stretches and, indeed, themselves.

But where are the best yoga retreats to be visiting in 2023?

The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Located in the US state of Massachusetts, Kripalu is a fantastic resort that is open all year round and is blessed with having some of the greatest minds in yoga and meditation on the planet.

Renowned instructor, scholars and dietitians all operate from the Stockbridge resort, while its full of amenities that include the likes of spas, massages and more.

Outside of the resort, there’s a stunning landscape to explore, where you can really be at one with nature, with hundreds of hiking and walking trails, as well as plenty of places to kick back and relax too.

Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center

Costa Rica is one of the best nations to visit for yoga and meditation lovers, with the country developing a real reputation over the last few years. This year, the Anamaya Retreat Center is right up there with the best to visit, located in the picturesque town of Montezuma.

While it’s relatively pricey, there are tons of sessions to enjoy, as well as plenty more activities from watersports, to horseback riding, as well as getting out and exploring the lush, tropical surroundings.

The Floating Leaf

When it comes to yoga and mindfulness, the likes of Thailand and Indonesia are often seen as the home of it. The Floating Leaf in Bali is a fantastic resort that teaches traditional Bhakti meditations, as well as a whole host of other traditional activities on offer.

It has one of the biggest and best yoga studios in Indonesia, while the cooking and art classes are also well worth enjoying. It’s opulence and relaxation at its very finest.

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