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Panama Hats – The Best Hats for Different Personality Types

No one wears a hat only to keep their heads safe from the sun and the harsh elements. Today, most men and women wear their hats to look stylish and make a style statement. Your accessories have a way to express about your personality. The same rule is applicable with your hat. For instance, if you choose a sun hat, chances are you love to relax at the beach and take life as it comes. And since we are talking about hats, you can’t possibly ignore the Panama hats.

Simply put, the Panama hat is considered as one of the most lavish, timeless, and iconic style accessories. Over the years, it has been worn both by men and women. And despite the hat’s esteemed reputation and fame, the hat always brings with it an air of intrigue. If you wish to browse some of the finest Panama hats, then you can opt-in for the American Hat company and take your pick.

The basic points to remember

If you are new to Panama hats, then it’s essential to know that they don’t belong to Panama. Instead, these hats come from Ecuador. And it gets made using the Ecuadorian straw that generates from the popular toquilla palm plant.

It is necessary to know a bit about the hat before you purchase one. It was during the early 1600s that hat weaving was getting prominent in Ecuador. According to several historical records, people thought that Montecristi town is the place where the Panama hats originated. But some stories suggest that even Cuenca city is also a place for the hat makers.

In the year 1904, Theodore Roosevelt, the President for the United States, got photographed sporting this hat when he visited the Panama Canal. And it was during this time, the hat got its desired popularity and came to be called as the Panama hat. Also, it is necessary to know that the Panama hat is in all probability a material instead of a hat style. It indicates that the Panama hats are available in multiple colors and shapes.

However, it is essential to know that every genuine Panama hat gets made from the popular toquilla straw. But that doesn’t indicate that every Panama hat gets made in the same way. There is a difference in the finesse as well as in the weave and straw quality. Till date you don’t have a grading system that can categorize the hats as very fine, super fine or fine.

The Panama hats that cater to your personality

Since now you are aware about the basic background of this hat, you need to shop for one, depending on your choice and personality type. If you have been confused about it, then there is nothing to fret. We have some of the best types that will match your personality type:

1. The fedora Panama hat for a classic style

If this is what you are opting in for, you prefer tailored fits and clean lines and will always select timeless accessories. The classic Panama hat in a fedora cut adds more style to your attire. It is best suited for both men and women. The hat is lightweight and offers the correct breathability. It comes with a shorter brim, but it doesn’t have an exact match with the trilby.

2. The outback Panama hat for the adventurous ones

So, you are someone who love to take chances and also have an affinity for adventure. And this translates to every aspect of your wardrobe. Hence, there is no other better option than outback Panama, which helps you to make a fashion statement. This hat is both lightweight and breathable and gets made with hand-woven straw. The hat comes with a vented crown and a brim that measures three inches to provide the best sun protection. There is also a stitched, slim leather band that adds to the style and makes you appear classy.

3. The safari Panama hat for the elegant ones

If quality is what you count on, this is the hat for you. If you love this hat, it means you want to get precisely what you pay for. And this hat won’t disappoint you. It is a trendy hat that you can sport in most seasons. And it’s best to have this hat in your hat collection. Some of the best hats of this category get made using the high-end Ecuadorian straw that makes it appear much dressier and will make you appear like a star.

4. The wide-brim Panama hat for the ones who are bold

Do you wish to stand out in the crowd? If yes, then this is the best choice for you. It’s a perfect blend of function and form. So, you can appear in style and also stay protected from the harsh elements.

These are some of the best Panama hats that you can opt-in for based on your personality type and style preference.

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