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Summer Fashion Guide: 5 Tips to Look Stylish While Staying Cool

Where autumn is all about leather boots and cute coats, dressing in summer is all about comfort and ease. 

As winter bids us goodbye and spring greets us with warmer temperatures, now is the best time to prepare your wardrobe for the summer season. Selecting wardrobe staples for summer is no piece of cake. After all, staying stylish while keeping yourself cool is a near-impossible task. 

But would you believe us if we said staying cool while looking chic and fashionable in the sweltering summer heat is possible? You only need a bit of creativity to choose the right wardrobe staples that will help you rock summer brunches, beach parties, and weddings without sweating or compromising on style. 

Wondering how? Our short guide will let you in on five summertime outfit ideas that will make you look elegant and sophisticated. 

Ready to create your signature style this summer? Dive in for the latest summer fashion tips that won’t go out of style. 

Summer Outfit Ideas: 5 Tips to Look Stylish This Season

A couple of good accessories, no makeup look, and easy-breezy dresses – here are a few fashion tips up our sleeve that will help you curate perfect looks this summer season. So, let’s check them out. 

1. Embrace Loose Silhouettes

On the warmest days, opting for body-fitting outfits is a big no-no because they trap sweat, which could increase your chances of infection. Instead, opt for loose silhouettes that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer season. 

Loose and flowy silhouettes do not cling to the body while appearing chic and feminine. Airy-puffed sleeves and tiered dresses are some wardrobe options that are on-trend this season. 

One must-have wardrobe staple we’d recommend you invest in this summer is a flowy kaftan, which you can cinch in with a belt for evening downtime. 

2. Opt for Lightweight And Breathable Fabrics to Beat the Heat

Flowy silhouettes, skirts, or tankini tops won’t do any good if they aren’t made of breathable fabrics. When shopping for summer outfits, go for options made of lightweight fabrics. Otherwise, beating the heat outdoors will become impossible. 

And for those who are fond of spending weekends by the beach, make sure to shop for lazy beach outfits. For a lazy day at the beach or an evening party, pairing tankini tops with long skirts with hair tied into a bun will keep you comfortable and chic. 

Like these stylish tankinis offered by Lime Ricki are lightweight and super-breathable and will help you stay cool during summer afternoons and evenings when the temperature is high. 

What’s more, they are available in an array of colors, patterns, and styles, so pairing them with long skirts won’t be much of a challenge. Women appreciate that the brand sells swim and tankini tops in almost all sizes, including 4X, which is rare. 

3. Elevate Your Look With a Hat

Hats, especially wide-brim ones, never go out of style, so don’t forget to add them to your cart while shopping for your summertime wardrobe. 

A straw hat in beige or white will elevate your look and complement your tiered summer dress and classic stripes perfectly. What makes hats one of the best investments is that they protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun while making a stylish summer statement. 

4. Soften Your Everyday Summer Look With Prints

Nothing can make your summer outfits more defined than a splash of color. 

Color popping, or a splash of color with prints, has evolved as a standout trend over the last few years because they make outfits look more thoughtful by softening them. Experts suggest donning floral prints in the subtlest of creams and pastels and bright colors. 

And the best part? You have the freedom to pair prints with an array of options, including pants for the office, a tonal pencil skirt, or denim for a weekend look. 

5. Add Light Color Outfits to Your Wardrobe  

Pick light colors over dark when shopping for summer wardrobe staples. Pastels, pinks, light blues, and other ultra-feminine colors are ideal for the summer and spring months. To make a style statement, you can pair them with dark colors if you want. 

Linen trousers and white linen button-downs are timeless summer staples for an easy-to-go day look. However, with a quick change of jewelry, you can pull an all-white look at night too. 

Aesthetics aren’t the only reason you should stick to light colors. You should prefer lighter colors over dark because they tend to reflect the sun’s rays, unlike the latter that absorbs them. 

Slay Summer With These Expert Tips

To look stylish yet elegant without soaking in sweat, you need to invest in the right outfits. 

Because of so many outfits, blending style with comfort is no longer difficult. And when summer arrives, taking a look at the week’s weather reports will help you plan your outfits for the week accordingly. 

Flowy silhouettes or long skirts will be the right pick on the hottest days, as they will keep you cool, comfortable, and relaxed. And when in doubt, don bright-colored floral prints, and you’ll be good to go! 

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