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How to Use Yarn to Revamp Your Style

Use Yarn to Revamp Your Style – As social distancing, for the most part, has us spending the majority of our time at home there’s a good chance wardrobe purging has become a way to help productively occupy some moments of free time. The only question is, can you upcycle instead of getting rid of all those clothes and accessories.

Before tossing anything that you may later regret, there’s endless options for beautiful yarn and tons of patterns to discover that can be used to upcycle those items into stylish new pieces for your wardrobe. Now, without further ado, let’s get into some ways to use yarn to revamp your style!

Embellish to Relish Old Things like New

There’s nothing worse than getting a stubborn stain that just won’t come out of a piece of clothing that you love, finding a hole in the comfiest pair of pants you own, or realizing that your wardrobe just doesn’t live up to your unique style.

Let your creativity lead the way and turn parts of your attire that have become drab back into fab with exciting knitting project ideas, such as:

  • Knit a beautiful flower or heart pattern to cover a stain on clothing
  • Find a scrap of fabric with a fun print and use colorful yarn to stylishly patch up a hole
  • Use yarn in your favorite colors to embroider unique trims or patterns onto clothing and accessories (like hats, gloves or scarves)

There’s no doubt that embellishing with yarn can upcycle any old or outdated clothing into beautiful new pieces that will rock your wardrobe.

Dare to be Rare with Knit Designs

Perhaps part of your wardrobe could be better pulled off with a little help from incorporating an element of knit design. Put your knitting skills to the test and use your free time to create clothing and accessories with yarn in the perfect colors to show off your style. Start small or go big with different knitting project ideas, such as:

  • Bulky knit cardigan or sweater
  • Knit boot cuffs
  • Matching cable knit hat and mittens

Kick it up a notch and use multiple colors of yarn to really flaunt your style!

Show Off Your Originality with Knit Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, it can be difficult to find options that aren’t mass produced for anyone to buy or that truly capture the look of your unique style wants to achieve. Use yarn to let your personality shine with one-of-a-kind knit jewelry, such as:

  • Braided knit bracelets
  • Cable knit bracelets
  • Finger knit necklaces
  • Flower pattern earrings

Whether your knitting skills are beginner or advanced, there are endless options to discover for different ways to create unique and original jewelry that will show off your distinctive style. There are even project ideas for jewelry with no knitting required, like a stunning finger-knit necklace.

One thing is for sure, using yarn is the perfect choice for a creative way to revamp your style!

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