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Planning an event? Check out these amazing themes!

Planning to host a great night for your loved ones? Or is it going to be a grand corporate event? No matter what the event is, do you know what makes it grander? It’s the theme! Your options can vary from retro themes to festive ones.

Check the best ones in this piece. You can also seek advice from Niramit creations for better theme ideas

Terrific themes which will make an unforgettable event


BBQ in summer

If you love outdoor parties, then you should try this theme. Summer is the best time to hold bbq themed parties for your loved ones. Best for the super bowl theme party, this BBQ experience is going to be etched in the memories of your loved ones forever!


Carnival will be a perfect theme for a joyous occasion like a baby shower, birthday, or anniversary. From kids to adults, Amazing Carnivals are loved by all. The invitation can be in the form of game tickets, and you could ask the guests to come dressed as exotic carnival characters. Of course, adding photo booths will be the essence of this beautiful theme.

Masquerade party

Be it to hide from one of your relatives or save yourself from boss’s lashing, your mask is your savior. Dance, music, costumes, what is there not to love? This theme will also be an excellent opportunity to socialize for the introverts. You can also offer some return gifts to your friends or relatives, after all, who doesn’t love gifts? Wrap them in customized boxes from, and voila! All your guests will be happy!

Wonder of Winter

Having a winter-themed party during some other season is a unique idea! Winter is a season adored by most. So a winter-themed party would be remembered by all. You can ask people to come dressed as winter elements, such as White Walkers from Game of Thrones or Eskimos! You could decorate the interiors with mini igloos and hold a cold brew bash to vibe with the theme.



If you are an outdoor-loving person, then a camping-themed party should bring out your persona! You can choose any nature park as a venue, or if you have a backyard, setting it up would do too. Add some tents, place the food on tree trunks and maybe some sports too?


Are you a fan of 60s music? Then arrange a retro-themed party for your guests and take them on a memory joy ride. You can put in disco balls, grooving music and set a crazy dress code with it! As a gesture, you can offer your guests fantastic perfume boxes from as return gifts.

One for the geeks

If you want to host a party for bibliophiles, there are enormous ideas that you can choose from. Starting with Star Wars, Marvel, or DC Superheroes, the list is endless. Request your guests to play dress up! The party snacks can complement the theme like, and you could keep the legendary butterbeer from the Harry Potter series or the famous Lemas Bread inspired by the Lord of the rings. The guests will love them!

House or block party

Good neighbors always stand by your side. When you shift to a new place, your neighbors always help you adjust away from your family. Simple decorations with good food and a lot of quality time spent together are the essence of this party theme.

Into the marine world

The Marine theme is prevalent among theme parties. The decoration can depict the underwater world, and the guests can come wearing costumes of exotic marine creatures. This theme is highly recommended for your kid’s birthday party. However, if the occasion is adult-centric, like an anniversary, then the party decoration can also depict the interior of a ship. Blue-hued elements like curtains and cushions will go very well with this theme.

Festive mood

All love festivals, and we wait eagerly all year to celebrate festivals. But, if you choose this theme for your party, you don’t need to wait any longer to celebrate that particular festival! The decoration will be by the festival you choose as your theme. For example, if you choose Christmas, red and white hues will dominate the interiors, along with a glamorously decorated Christmas tree. Complementing this theme with Rudolf and Santa would be simply mind-blowing.

Back to school

We all miss our school days. Are you planning a reunion? This should be perfect! You can ask your friends to wear their old school uniforms, and the decor can represent your old classroom. The food should be what you would take for lunch back in school days. It will surely be a very nostalgic moment for all of you.


Netflix lovers will go crazy if you opt for this theme for your party. The decor can vary depending on your favorite shows. You could make the decor similar to the setup of Stranger Things, or Money Heist, or maybe Squid Games! Your guests can get decked up like their favorite character. Someone dressed up as Tokyo or Berlin might make you a little teary, though! Keeping a few games inspired by the show would increase the excitement level of the guests. You can even arrange games from the Squid Games!


The Olympics craze isn’t over yet, and using this theme at your party is a great idea. Hosting a party with international guests? This should be your ideal theme. You can bake the iconic Olympic symbol donuts for the food section to add to the Olympic essence. You can arrange for a few games, and the winners can get a replica of the gold, silver, or bronze medals. Hence with this theme, host your own Olympics!

Out of this world

The Outer Space theme is an excellent idea if you are looking for a birthday party theme. The decoration can be with spacecraft, planets, stars and what not! You can ask the guests to come in alien costumes, and serving star and moon-shaped cookies will vibe with the theme.


Theme parties are entertaining to attend and host. They are far more interesting than the simple monotonous parties. With the help of these fantastic themes, become the best party host ever!

Author Bio – Mashum Mollah is a freelance news reporter and passionate blogger. He shares his journey, insights and experiences at Big Jar News. If you are a news reader, or simply an info-holic, then this site is for you.

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