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Mole Removal, is it needed and when?

When do you need to remove a mole from your body? For most people, they don’t give a second thought to their moles or whether they need to be removed or not, because for the most part, the moles are small and unnoticeable. However, whenever moles get too big or they happen to be discolored or have a strange shape, that is when you might start thinking about your mole and considering mole removal.

So when do you need to remove your moles and when can you leave the blemishes on your skin alone? Here are all the answers so you can make the right decision!

Most Moles Are Harmless

Moles are pretty common and tend to appear on your body while you are a young adult or a teenager, and it is common to have them. Normal moles are typically the color of your natural skin tone or are much darker, almost looking black. Moles are round or oval shaped and will sometimes disappear over time.

Sometimes they can be in an odd place on your body, such as on your face or neck, but for the most part, they won’t cause you too many problems. But while most moles are harmless, there are exceptions to every rule.

When You Should Consider Mole Removal

If you get a mole as an adult, you need to get it checked out because that shouldn’t happen. Additionally, if you notice the mole changing shape to where it isn’t round or oval, the mole becomes itchy, and/or it starts to bleed whenever you touch it, then you need to have it checked out at a mole removal london service.

Because these moles can actually be cancerous or pre-cancerous growths, and the faster you have them analyzed and scanned, the better it can be for your health.

Mole Removal Can Be Done For Health Or For Cosmetic Reasons

While some people try to get suspicious moles removed for health reasons, others remove moles for cosmetic means. If you are unhappy with the placement or the size of a mole, then you can speak with your healthcare provider and have it removed. Still, unless the mole in question has been found as cancerous, you really don’t need to remove the mole at all. Again, most moles are harmless and are only removed for cosmetic reasons, but otherwise, you can leave your mole alone and you will be perfectly healthy.

How Does Mole Removal Work?

There are several ways to remove moles from your skin, and depending on whether the mole itself is cancerous or not, you will be able to pick from some of the various procedures. Surgical excisions are done for both types of moles, where your skin is treated with a local anesthetic and then a scalpel is used to separate the mole from the rest of the skin.  If the mole is cancerous, the surgeon might take some healthy skin too in order to make sure all the cancerous cells are fully removed.

Then once the mole is lifted away, the small wound in your skin is patched up and the area is stitched back together.

Additionally, instead of cutting into your skin, the surgeon can shave across your skin by using a razor. The shave excision procedure is used for cosmetic moles because it doesn’t get deep enough into the skin to remove deep tumors. But once the razor has been used to shave the growth off, they will cauterize the wound and that is that for the procedure.

For both procedures, you will need to keep the affected area moist with Vaseline and bandaged for a few days and keep the wound clean.

Keep An Eye On Your Moles

No matter if you want to remove moles for cosmetic reasons or because you are concerned about your health, you should make sure to keep an eye on your moles. Examine where they are on your body and what they look like, and check in on them every once in a while. If you notice that your moles are changing shape, or color, or are becoming irritated whenever they rub up against clothing, you might want to reach out to your dermatologist and get a check up on your moles and skin.

Otherwise, if they are posing no risk to your health then you don’t need to worry about removing your moles. You can just keep them on your body and think about other things that might impact your health!