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Moisturizer – How to Apply It and Steps to Use It?

The moisturizer is essential to keep your skin young and elastic. It slows down the appearance of wrinkles, conceals tiredness, and it also protects you from sun damage.

Which Moisturizer to Use, According To My skin type?

Hyaluronic acid is an ideal ingredient to maintain a good rate of hydration in creams. Contrary to what you might think, combination to oily skin needs it just as much.

They can, however, use anti-imperfection care, mattifying creams, or specially designed to tighten pores.
For dry skin, we recommend moisturizers containing essential fatty acids. Those lacking radiance will prefer a moisturizer with boosting vitamin C.


Mature skins can opt for a treatment with fruit acids that smooth the epidermis (avoid in the sun). Certain skins, sensitive

For example, they need more protection than others. Among the external aggressions, we count the sun, pollution, tobacco, cold. We also take it into account when choosing your favorite cream.

Steps to Use a Moisturizer

The first thing is to buy a moisturizer for your skin type. You can get a simple cream or a BB cream that incorporates a little colour to hide dark circles and other skin conditions.

The fact is that to choose your moisturizer, and you need to know what type of skin you have before going to the store.

We Start with a Clean and Dry face

This means using your facial cleanser or scrub before applying the moisturizer. If we use the cream on dirty skin, we run the risk of moving fat/bacteria / dead skin that can create prickly problems later on. Always use a cream on clean skin!

We Use the Right Amount

This will depend on the type of skin you have and the density of the cream you have purchased. Some creams move very well and are absorbed right away, but others that are heavier absorb worse, leaving greasy traces when you go too much. Experiment during the first uses and remember: Less is always more.

We Distribute the Cream Using the Fingertips

Applying the cream is a delicate task. Since we do not want to rub or scrub the cream on the face, we are going to apply it first to the fingertips.Massage your skin with the yolks.

Men’s skin is thicker and more resistant than women’s, but even so, we want to do this with love. As if you were making love. Move your cream making circular movements with the yolks all over your face.

Don’t Forget the Neck

The lower chin and neck also need a little attention. The neck is one of the areas that hangs immediately with age, and therefore, it is a good idea to massage a spark of cream there as well.

Take Advantage of the Leftover Cream.

If, after massaging your skin you still have traces of cream on your fingers or face, take advantage and distribute them to another area of the body; From hands to elbows to knees, any “dry” place is good to take advantage of that cream that you have leftover.

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