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10 Signs That Your Loved One Is An Addict: By Detox And Rehabilitation Experts

Signs That Your Loved One Is An Addict: By Detox And Rehabilitation – Drug addiction is one of the reasons why the lives of many youngsters get destroyed. But that does not mean it is the end of anyone’s life. There’s always a chance to step out of the world of drug abuse and start a healthy, regular life.

If you find your loved one has slipped and ended up becoming a victim of drug abuse, it is best to get expert help from a drug rehabilitation center – knowing about Gallus Detox will help you a lot.

10 Signs That Your Loved One Is An Addict

But before you go find a drug rehabilitation center, it is crucial to be confirmed about the fact. You can not take steps on the basis of some baseless guessing. So, here are some signs, which will help you understand whether your loved one is a drug addict or not.

Sudden Behavioural Changes

The most prominent sign is sudden behavioral changes and mood swings of the person. In case your loved one is acting suspicious and gets angry all of a sudden, it can be because the person is trying to hide something.

A person who is into drug addiction will always avoid or try to skin any sort of question, making it a joke or fun, which will threaten the displacement of their addiction or to the addiction itself. The person also might lose interest in things he or she used to love.

Sudden Increase In Spending

Suddenly your loved one starts asking for more money. Suddenly they will start to need some unnecessary or weird thighs. Drugs are actually expensive; thus, in order to get into an addiction to drugs, a person needs a considerable amount of money.

The monthly allowances and spending will be higher. They will ask for money or borrow it, or in case of nothing in the world, they also can end up stealing money. So, in case you experience the frequent need for money, it might be a sign of drug abuse.

Change In Sleeping Patterns

Changes in sleeping patterns are another sign of being into drug addiction. If you witness your loved one sleeping for too long, or there is a sudden decrease in the sleeping times and hours, the reason behind them can be drug addiction.

That does not mean you will charge your loved ones just because they are delivering that kind of behavior for a day or two. You are required to pay a little more attention if you witness these changes in sleeping patterns for more than a week or longer than that.

Change In Eating Patterns

You might also get to see changes in the person’s eating patterns who have started taking drugs and developed an addiction to them. Usually, we follow a semi-routine diet, but when the addiction takes hold, the person will start to skip meals.

They might not eat foods for too long and intake a huge amount of food at once. These types of eating disorders are common among those people who are into drugs. So, in case you are witnessing something like this, consult with a doctor.

Need For Isolation

We all feel uncomfortable or awkward to disturb our person, especially when the person has already asked for something alone. But you have to be a little more attentive if you see that your loved one is spending a long time in the bathroom.

We know, no one wants to get disturbed or hear a knock when they are in the bathroom. When you are getting to see some of the above signs and spending time behind the locked doors, especially in the bathroom or dark rooms, you need to be cautious.

Sudden Change In The Amount Of Time Spent Outside

Youngsters usually spend a lot of time outside, and practically it is also not possible to keep track of everything, whatever they are doing, and where they are going. But you can keep track of the amount of time your loved one is spending outside.

In most cases, people do drugs outside of their homes. They will spend more time outside. They will also go outside frequently for some emergencies. At least they will tell you that. Take these as the signs of drug addictions.

Sudden Change Of Friend Groups, Locations, Social Activities

Suddenly the person might start to hang out with some new friends. There can be huge age gaps between those people. You might be clueless about how and where they met with your loved one.

People who are into drug addiction prefer to do drugs in groups; they often have separate groups and locations specifically dedicated for the purpose.

Changes In Ability To Handle Normal Responsibilities

Missing school or work frequently for suddenly not feeling well due to sleeping will become a regular thing. Whenever a person is entrapped into any type of addiction, the addiction overtakes their rational thinking, and they will fail to handle normal responsibilities.

They will start to forget things. These things can be anything from forgetting about deadlines. A person who used to be a very responsible individual might start to forget or skip their responsibilities. Take those things as signs of drug addiction.

Fluctuations In Weight

We have already told you that when a person becomes addicted to drugs, they will start to skip meals. Isn’t it obvious that due to regular meal skipping, they will lose weight? At the same time, drugs also react with our bodies.

As a result, you will get to see frequent fluctuations in weight. You might think a few weight fluctuations can get neglected. But the type of weight loss due to drug addiction is severe and hard to neglect.


You might also start to find several things in the room of your loved one. Here are some of the things which the person might use while doing drugs.

  • Pipes.
  • Syringes.
  • Cigarette wrapping papers.
  • Cut-up straws.
  • Lighters.
  • Razor blades.
  • Bongs.
  • Rolled up banknotes.
  • Cutting surfaces, such as glass or mirrors.
  • Burnt bottle caps or spoons.

Give Them A Healthy Life

As a human being, everyone makes mistakes, but that is not the end of their life. With proper care and treatment, a drug addict also can get a new and healthy life. As a well-wisher, you can consult with a doctor and check for good drug rehabilitation to offer proper care to the person.

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