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Increase your followers using instagram stories

Increase your followers using Instagram stories – If your Instagram presence isn’t as strong as you’d like, it’s time to learn how to improve your techniques for gaining actual, organic Instagram followers. This may be accomplished via Instagram stories.

What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are an extremely effective means of increasing your followers in a fun and creative way. Stories are snippets of content that reflect the activities of your day. You can add multiple photos and videos and they appear like a slideshow to viewers.

Instagram stories have a lifespan of 24 hours. But during that time, your followers can respond to your stories. You get a variety of format options, which offers you some great possibilities for using your creative skills.

Add Appeal to Your Stories

The stories you create should be appealing. The more time spent on your story to make it interesting will bear fruit in making more people view your story. Keep your stories to the point but also make them attractive to your viewers.

Photos do work; on the other hand, attractive video clips can work even better, securing engagement. For your videos to be dramatic and lively you can use invideo a cloud-based video editing app that helps you edit and infuse life into your Instagram stories.

Instagram Story Formats

Here are some of the formats for creating stories:

  • Hands-free video tool
  • Live
  • Superzoom
  • Stop Motion
  • Still photos
  • Boomerang
  • Type
  • Rewind

How to Increase Your Followers Through Instagram Stories?

With so many user-friendly features offered by Instagram, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create engaging stories. You can attract more followers by following these simple tips:

Use the Right Hashtags

Whenever you post an Instagram story, you need to post at least one hashtag. You can use up to ten hashtags on a story. Keep your hashtags simple but relevant. Choose them carefully and it can have a positive effect on your engagement. You can gain your followers using these helpful tips.

When people search for particular hashtags on Instagram, they may chance upon yours and end up viewing your stories. That way, you may end up attracting a whole load of new followers through your carefully-created hashtags.

Split Your Videos

The maximum length of a video on an Instagram story is 15 seconds. It may often be a little too short to convey your message adequately. In such a case, you can split your video.

You even get apps such as CutStory that will split your video into segments. Viewers can click through to view your entire video. It is also a good way to keep your audience engaged because they will be eager to click to find out what happens next.

The Importance of Timing

When are your followers most likely to be active and online? If you post your stories randomly, you may do so at times when only a small segment of your audience is engaged.

Instagram offers some useful analytical tools like Instagram Insights, which give you some good insights into the user profiles of your followers. Using this information, you can post your stories at times when they are likely to get the maximum views.

Respond to Your Direct Messages

If you post engaging stories, you can expect to find a full Direct Message inbox. It’s a great thing to be getting so many messages from your followers. But they won’t send you messages indefinitely.

If you neglect to open your Direct Message inbox and fail to reply to your messages, your followers may lose interest. You might soon find yourself being unfollowed in preference to other Instagram users.

On the other hand, if you respond to messages posted by your followers, it adds a personal touch to your engagement, and you gain loyalty. If you are planning to start a fashion blog then these tips will help you to start a fashion blog and promote it on your social media.

Ask a Question

In line with engaging your followers by responding to their messages is posting questions in your stories. You can post a question on a controversial topic and perhaps accompanied by a related repost, to start a discussion thread.

You can sit back and watch your followers engage with each other, while you pose as a mediator. It’s a great way to keep your followers on your Instagram page. The process can help you get to know your followers better, and it helps them know YOU better.

Use a Storyboard

You can use a storyboard that serves as a kind of template for your story. It creates a structure in advance, wherein you can fill in the blanks with your content when you compose your story.

If your story has an intro, body, and conclusion, you give it a definite structure. It creates more appeal, driving more followers to view your story. You will also find it easier to add relevant content which is particularly important if you are trying to promote your brand through your stories.

Use Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram Stories Analytics is another great tool offered by Instagram to help you use the app more efficiently. It gives you data on your regular Instagram posts, Instagram stories and your current promotions if you are running any.

You can even filter these metrics by date or type of interaction. You can access Stories Analytics directly from a story. You can get the information on a story you posted like profile visits, impressions and link clicks.

Use Captions

Most people don’t have the sound on when they are going through their Instagram feed. They may be in a public place, or even at home among other family members. By using captions on your stories, you make your videos engaging even with the sound off.

Post a Quote

Sharing a quote that you feel relates to your story is a simple but powerful way of engaging with your audience. It could be something profound, funny or motivational. If you are trying to promote your brand through your stories, ensure that it reflects your brand.

A good idea is that when you post a motivational quote, you can add a hashtag with it. Motivational content is something widely searched on Instagram. With your motivational hashtag, you stand to gain quite a few new followers.

Organize Polls and Quizzes

Organizing an opinion poll or asking multiple-choice response questions is another great way of getting your followers involved. This allows individuals to connect with your stories with the click of a button rather than typing an answer.

A sliding reaction with an emoji will help you a lot, and an equally simple and effective way is to add a cheering word when you post something. You can add voting buttons to your polls for your followers to take a stand on a controversial topic.


Instagram is a great place to share moments and to spread information about your brand if you have a product to offer. Thanks to Instagram stories, you can share information in-between as well.

Use the tips we have shared with you and get more organic followers to follow your creative Instagram Stories.


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