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Skin Care

How to Improve Your Skin?

Improve Your Skin: Nowadays, there has been a boom in the popularity of skincare. Interestingly, it’s not just a superficial reason to have smooth, clear skin (though it can be as well). But rather, many have equated this to our society’s shift to promoting more wellness in our lives. From the condition of our skin, it can indicate to us about any potential health issues.

In turn, people have wanted to understand their skin more and do what they can to help it. However, learning to improve your skin can be tricky, with so many skincare trends on the rise online can make it hard to discern if it’s right for your skin.

Sometimes it’s best to address skincare concerns from professionals at a media spa to get insight into what to do. Though if you can’t afford a visit just yet, check out below what you can do currently to help improve your skin!

Keep Skin Hydrated

If you’re hoping to improve your skin, you need to consider how much you’re keeping your skin hydrated. What contributes to healthier skin is ensuring your skin’s moisture barrier can effectively retain moisture in your skin cells. Sealing in moisture helps repair your skin from any skin problems that have resulted in damage.

But how can you ensure your skin stays hydrated? Here are a few things you can do:

  • Drink more water
  • Limit bath/shower time
  • Use warm water instead of hot for bathing
  • Moisturize skin after bathing
  • Limit alcohol

These are all great means to quench your skin’s thirst. In doing so, you’re preventing the risk of stripping away too many oils that can contribute to a skin flare-up. Alternatively, it also helps to keep dry, flaky skin from occurring.

Get Proper Beauty Sleep

Getting proper sleep can do wonders in improving your skin.

The whole point of sleep is to help with any repairs to your body. During this time, it can help regenerate skin. However, if your sleep quality is poor, you can expect the repair of your skin to be the same. It results in your body being unable to produce collagen, which impacts your skin’s elasticity. When collagen production is constantly compromised, it can lead to dry skin and wrinkles.

Not only avoid bags under your eyes but keep premature aging at bay by ensuring you catch up on any sleep and getting a full seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. The better rest you have, the more you will see your skin begin to glow!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Have you ever eaten a greasy fast food meal the night before that resulted in nasty breakouts? Well, that’s a clear indication from your skin that you need to eat healthier. Help to improve your skin by keeping to a more nutritious diet. What exactly does that entail? It means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. In addition, it’s been speculated in some research that diets rich in fish oil can help too. So, if you have been binging junk, now is the time to start setting limits on it to help promote more youthful skin.

Relax & Manage Stress

Stress has been said to be the silent killer – and also kills the health of your skin. Whenever you’re feeling high-stress levels, it can result in your skin freaking out by popping out with pimples and acne. Talk about adding more stress! Yet, how does stress impact your skin? According to researchers, it’s been speculated that stress increases sebum, which is what produces oil and can block your pore. Consequently, you’re left with a pimple that can end up looking like Mount Vesuvius.

If you’re breaking out badly, consider making an active effort to help yourself relax. Practice more relaxing techniques like breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga. Also, getting active by exercising will help not only to relieve any stress but help promote blood circulation, which will help your skin cells.

Avoid Too Much Sun

Too much fun in the sun can, unfortunately, do some damage to your skin. Not just from getting a bad sunburn or heightening your risk of skin cancer. It can have a detrimental effect on the look of your skin. Too much sun can end up causing wrinkles and age spots.

It might initially seem impossible to combat the results of the sun’s rays, but there are ways you can down below!

  • Use proper sunscreen
  • Seek shade during peak sunshine hours
  • Wear protective clothing (i.e. hats)

The ways you can improve your skin stem from a few lifestyle changes. Our skin is one of our body’s biggest organs that can show us various ways of its current health. By being mindful of your overall wellness, you can see your health improve alongside your skin!