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How To Use Email Marketing To Grow our ECommerce Sales?

Email Marketing: One highly valuable aspects to run an independent web store will be your capability of building a strong email list. It is the proprietary data that nobody else online has but only you. It’s your stand up over your competition. It’s your aim for building value & engaged relationships with the customers. It’s one important mechanism on how you plan to increase the customer lifetime value & successfully predict the trajectory of the business with help of eCommerce emails.

Luckily, you do not need to come with the eCommerce email patterns and ideas on your own. In today’s post, we are going to lay out some important eCommerce email marketing practices, which can help you to connect with the new customers as well as turn your existing customers into raving fans. Suppose you are looking to know how you can get the best eCommerce sales or keep them grow, via email marketing, then continue reading the entire post!

Reach Your Customers

You need to know that email marketing is a best way you can hold your customers back if you say “Hi! Periodically we have the special offer! You are on our mind” can eventually raise your customer’s interest, which can give them a positive feeling you were really thinking about them.

Use Personalization 

You might have one or more target audience that you plan to reach. It is common for the product and service to appeal to one or more segment of the people. However, what if you come to know you are not reaching your whole audience with one single message? That is where personalization will come into the picture.

Personalization will drastically improve the open rates, engagement and clicks whereas reducing the bounces, spam reports, and unsubscribes. If you are not segmenting the list & personalizing the emails, then you have to start immediately. Sending emails with the right content that is tailored to every audience segment is the best way of keeping the subscribers happy, and the pleased subscribers are likely to buy.

Drive Higher Revenue

According to the surveys, around 320% higher revenue gets generated by automated emails than non-automated emails. Hence, the beauty of the triggered email marketing campaigns is once created, and they continue to drive higher revenue from your intended audience without doing anything.

Email Marketing allows you to create some amazing Email Marketing ideas, and, track all your customer behaviour & events to maximize the revenue & repeat purchases.

Create Engaging Content.

Suppose you want the brand to come up then you have to understand what kind of content resonates rightly with your audience. You must analyze the results as well as use this data that will help to engage the subscribers in a better way. It is important to dig in your email marketing reporting dashboard & integrate this with the analytical tool, such as Google Analytics. Hence, by powering both of them together, you will understand your customers much better so you can provide them with a better customer experience.

Setup the Referral Program

Word-of-mouth is one kind of social proof as well as the highly powerful marketing ways you may use. It makes the referral program an amazing addition to your current marketing toolbox. With the referral program, you will get several leads coming into your eCommerce business through social proof from somebody in their network they already trust. So, whenever you consider the fact that around 92% of the people trust the recommendations from their peers over marketers, you will see how much power this kind of program will be.

Personalized Emails

With the higher growth of the Email Marketing platforms, now customers can connect the applications with the CRM systems. Furthermore, you will better target the intended audience with email campaigns that are based on personalization demographically.

For getting the best results from the email marketing campaigns you have to monitor & improve the campaigns. To use emails, you have to grow the list of new subscribers to get them which means convincing prospects & customers to join the campaign. Selecting the right awards and incentive to give people for their particular addresses is very important. Such incentive will be in a form of a specific discount, the promise of future deals and promotions, and access to valuable insider content that is relevant to the company industry.

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