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How To Style Your Renaissance Wedding Dress

Renaissance-style weddings are all the rage these days. The style is elegant and classic, making it a favorite for many brides with burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. However, as with most styles, some specific accessories go well with this type of dress. In today’s blog post, we will be giving you our list of the best accessories to wear when wearing a Renaissance wedding dress.

Let’s take a look at these styling tips.

1. Think about alternatives to jewelry

Sometimes, it can be tough to match up the accessories when they come from different parts of the world and do so many different things! Focus instead on a beautiful hair accessory or other subtle detail that will compliment your dress and make you feel like the queen you are. If you’re looking for jewelry online, then Dhgate would be perfect for you to grab some unique jewelry pieces that match your wedding dress.

2. Stick to what you’re used to

If you’re used to wearing a lot of jewelry and have an idea in your head about what style you want, then try to stick with that. Try not to wear too many bracelets or earrings because it will make the dress seem crowded and reduce its overall effect. A simple set of pearl earrings could be just the right amount.

If you are used to wearing a lot of makeup, use that as your inspiration for what kind of eye makeup and lip color you want.

3. Keep things simple by sticking to what you’re used to

If you’re wearing a lace wedding dress, pick up some simple gold jewelry. A bracelet or earrings in the same color as your outfit will do well and just add a touch of interest to an already beautiful gown with less fuss. If you want to wear something more dramatic like dangling diamond earrings, keep it minimal elsewhere, so they are still the focal point.

If it’s a short sleeve dress, skip heavy necklaces but opt for dainty ones that fall on either side of your chest – these will help frame any low-cut bodices beautifully without being too bulky around the stomach area.

4. Match Your Metals to Keep It Comfy

Gold accessories will balance the warmth of your skin and complement the color of your dress, while silver accessories will work better with cool-toned fabrics. If you want to play up this idea, even more, consider adding a gold or silver fabric overlay to cover any exposed areas on your skirt or train that may be cooler in tone than what’s printed directly onto it.

This is also an elegant way to add some extra sparkle without being over-the-top about it – we recommend keeping most of the accents at wrist level if there are any worries.

The Bottom Line

An essential guideline of all is to have joy while doing it. You are the designer and originator of your appearance, so don’t be too concerned with what others say or do. Go for it if you enjoy how gorgeous or not you feel on your wedding day!

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