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How to Sell on AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace enables AWS users to manage all of their software solutions, including SaaS connections, in one location. The online marketplace is a “digital library” of software and services that organisations may use to better their processes, workflows, and customer interactions.

Security applications, libraries, storage applications, machine learning tools, and other software solutions are available through the marketplace. Customers who want to sell on AWS marketplace may explore a variety of data products and choose how they wish to pay for them, including a free trial, yearly or monthly pricing, and more.

Requirements for free software goods published by sellers

Whether you charge for your product or not, you’re selling it when you list it on AWS Marketplace. The buyer pays nothing, but you and the consumer agree to a mutual contract for the product’s usage. You don’t have to disclose financial information to sell on AWS Marketplace if you simply sell free items. You must do the following to build and offer free items on AWS Marketplace:

  • Sell full-featured, production-ready software that is publicly available.
  • Have a clear customer service method and organisation in place.
  • Provide a way to maintain software up to date and free of flaws on a regular basis.
  • When promoting your product on AWS Marketplace, follow best practises and rules.

Terms and Conditions.

Be an AWS client in good standing who complies with the AWS Marketplace seller –

The AWS Marketplace Management Portal is a tool for registering as an AWS Marketplace seller and managing the items you sell on the platform. On the site, you can do the following tasks:

  • Register to sell on AWS Marketplace.
  • To contribute new software products or to update existing software products, go to the Products page.
  • Keep track of the progress of your requests.
  • Upload the files you’ll need to develop and administer your new programme.
  • By leveraging go-to-market operations, you may turn your software solutions into increased channel income.
  • Within hours of launch, track the outcomes of your marketing initiatives, including use and income generated by your campaigns.
  • Allow customer support agents to get real-time access to client information.
  • To discover vulnerabilities, do an automated AMI scan.

Private Offers are the most versatile method to trade, allowing you to quickly provide specific terms and prices to your consumers. Furthermore, when your co-sell business grows, the Tackling framework grows and scales with you, easing the sales process, removing the uncertainty from deal status, and untangling the tale for Sales Operations.

We can help you optimise your listings with extensive integrations with reporting sources, rich analytics and insights, and an evergreen approach that keeps them fresh. With auto-provisioning, transaction activity, UI-driven metering, and sophisticated administration of Private Offers, our platform has the hooks to support your development.

Last Thoughts

There are a variety of reasons why deploying your programme on AWS might be difficult, ranging from a lack of resources to a high technical learning curve to determining the optimum structure for your purposes. Every year, we assist hundreds of software firms in becoming listed on Cloud Marketplaces, allowing us to drastically minimise the time, energy, and effort necessary – resulting in a predictable and repeatable conclusion without the use of complex engineering.

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