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How To Find Your Signature scent?

There’s nothing better than finding a perfume that blends well with your body’s scent! It is one of those mystical theories that the same perfume used on two different people will result in smelling completely different.

For many, sticking to the same few fragrances year after year works perfectly fine, while others have the issue of having to change fragrances due to the change in balance and it not mixing well with the skin anymore. This leads to a trip to the fragrance shop, searching through the hundreds of bottles of perfume on offer to find the right scent that matches perfectly with your body.

Everyone’s Body Has Its Own Scent

According to doctors and scientists, the human body’s sweat glands, stress levels, hormones, age, diet, personality, and bad habits like alcohol & cigarettes give off our personal scent. When mixed with perfume, our body alters how the scent’s ingredients smell due to our personal scent. This can make choosing a fragrance seem like an impossible task when there are so many to choose from at perfume and cosmetics retailers.

A Few tips when choosing a perfume

  • Don’t put perfume on dry skin

A good tip for applying a sample perfume on your skin is using Shea Butter or Vaseline on the pulse points before spraying the perfume. The pulse points hold the fragrance longer, and also moisturized skin compared to dry skin will help a fragrance scent last longer.

  • Choose a familiar perfume

Choose a perfume with notes you are familiar with and love. There are 1000’s of perfumes out there to choose from, so understanding the different fragrance notes will reduce the search considerably. Take the below examples, and see what attracts you:

  • Warm & spicy – A perfume that mentions warm notes with spice usually have main ingredients like bergamot, vanilla, cinnamon, and leather.
  • Floral – If you love flowery smells, then a floral scent with amber, iris, violet, and rose are commonly used.
  • Fresh – These notes capture smells of oceans, rainforests, citrus fruits, leaves, and grass.
  • Woody & Earthy – Wood and earth notes usually have smells of sandalwood, moss, cedarwood, and tobacco, to name a few. They can be sweet or musty, and people who like freshly sanded wood choose perfumes with these notes.
  • Fruity – If it smells good enough to eat, then it’s a good choice! Fragrances with fruity notes usually have pear, peach, berries, orange, and more.
  • Shop Online-

Don’t test every perfume in the shop. Applying several fragrances to your pulse points will not give off its true scent, as it will mix with other fragrances. The best way to find out if the perfume’s scent is what you are looking for is to spray it in the air first to get a feel of the fragrance, and if you can imagine yourself wearing it, then gently spray it on your wrist without rubbing it in.

Alternatively, if you know there is a specific scent that you like, order it online. With some retailers, like parfumdreams, when you spend a certain amount, you could find yourself with free samples. This can help widen the type of perfume and fragrance you select and could help you find your signature scent.

  • Will it match with the event or workplace you are attending?

Scents are connected to memories and emotions of previous good and bad experiences. Buying a perfume that reminds you of a good experience will more than likely smell good on you, rather than a bad experience with a perfume that you or someone else was using; therefore, psychologically, it will not mix well with your scent.

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