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How To Care Your Curly Hair?

You may be the desire. of those with straight, dull hair. but sometimes your precious curls(curly hair) can make life impossible for you if it is not the humidity that ruins your hairstyle.

It is the dryness that produces roughness and breakage. Luckily we have these six practical tips to help you care for curly hair.

1. Use a Specialized Shampoo

The ends of curly hair move to dry quickly. It doesn’t matter if you wash your hair once or several times a week, choose a shampoo that doesn’t produce even more dryness.

Thanks to its advanced formula, tresemme Flawless Curls Shampoo combats the driest areas of your hair, leaving it ready to style and get those perfect curls.

2. Treat Your Hair Gently

Drying your hair strenuously with a towel can turn your wet curls into a nightmare frizz, so always dry it gently when it is wet. Drain excess water and press it slowly with the towel. Don’t rub it as friction can result in brittle hair.

To avoid mistreating it in the future, get used to combing and brushing wet hair gently since when it gets wet, it is when it is in its weakest state. It may sound strange,

but brushing from the ends up in small sections is much better for your hair and makes it easier to untangle those difficult knots.

3. Diffuser Dryers Are Curly Hair’s Best Friend

Drying curly hair outdoors can result in an overload of frizz if not done in the right way. That’s where the diffuser comes in. This accessory that connects to the electric dryer helps reduce frizz and, at the same time.

gives a touch of volume to those curls that run the risk of placating themselves with the weight of your hair.

As with any other device for combing with heat, we recommend using a spray or a serum with heat protection first to minimize the damage caused by high temperatures in your hair.

Get ready to wear beautiful curls and full of volume and vitality.

4. Use Hair Gel

We know that curly-haired girls want to sport those smooth, well-defined loops without feeling stiff or sticky. The solution? Use a light styling gel, like Tresemme Flawless Curls Gel with Vitamin B1.

This helps you create smooth, well-defined curls without leaving harsh residue or drying effects.

5. Extra Care for Dyed Curls

Dyes on curly hair look fabulous, but they certainly require a little more care. If your dyed curls feel particularly dry, give them a dose of care and attention with a deep conditioning mask once a week.

As well as an oil treatment for your hair, applying it from length to ends to give it intensive nutrition. Your curls will stay hydrated, healthy, and manageable.

6. Gently Treat Dry Curls

Your natural curls are beautiful but brittle. Elastic hair bands can pull and stretch them, so try to avoid getting them too tight. On the other hand, it is much better to gently press and define dry curls using your fingers and some styling products.

This helps not only to reduce the damage but also to control the frizz caused by the brush.

Now you know. If you ever feel lost and do not know how to keep your curls fabulous and frizz-free, follow these tips to take care of your curly hair and forget about the rest.

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