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How Do You Know If Concealer Has Gone Bad?

Most of us use concealer to cover any unsightly breakouts or blemishes on the skin. However, if you are using a concealer that has expired, your product may actually be causing the breakouts you are trying to cover. Makeup tends to be one of those things that we assume can last forever. Many of us have eyeshadows and blushes in our makeup bags that are older than some of our relationships. While certain products maintain their usability for longer than others, other makeup products (like concealer) need to be replaced more frequently. So how exactly can you tell if you’ve got a concealer in your makeup bag that has gone bad? Here’s some general pointers for knowing when you need to replace your concealer.

Lifespans for Different Formulas

If you are using a powder, cream or stick concealer, then your product will have a different shelf life then the more common liquid concealers would. In general, the rule of thumb here is to replace liquid concealers after they have been open a year. Powders and creams on the other hand can last up to two years after opening. Therefore, if you are someone who is not reaching for concealer on the daily, you can save money by choosing a formula with a longer shelf life.

These are just the general guidelines to go off if your concealer has no changes in color or consistency before the year or two is up. But if your product does change in color or texture, you will want to replace it sooner. Here are some of the changes that indicate that your concealer has gone bad.

Consistency: It can be easy to see or feel if your product has changed consistency since you’ve purchased it. You may notice that the product has started drying out or that there is some separation happening. If you can stir or shake the product and it returns to its prior consistency, you should be able to continue using it if you see no other changes. If a quick stir does not return the product to its previous state, it’s time to throw it out.

Scent: If you have started to notice a foul smell when applying your concealer, this is definitely a sign to put it to rest. Aside from the scent being unpleasant on your face, this can also be an indication of bacterial growth in the product which you will definitely want to avoid. It is important to note that changes in the scent of the product can be normal over time. For example, you may notice the scent of the product becoming less potent the longer you have it. This is normal but a foul smell is what you want to look out for.

Color: Similar to scent, variations in the color of a product can occur naturally over time. Subtle color shifts can be considered normal especially if you are storing your makeup somewhere where it is exposed to light or heat. What you should be looking for is any significant shifts in color or graying of the product. This is a sure sign that the product has reached the end of its life.

How to Prolong the Lifespan of your Concealer

As previously mentioned, storing your makeup where it is exposed to light or heat can alter the wear and color of the product. However, it can also alter the lifespan of the product. To ensure that your concealer lasts as long as possible, you want to make sure that you are storing it properly. Makeup is best kept in a cool, dry location that is away from direct sunlight. Many of us keep our makeup in the bathroom, but if you have it near where you bathe, it will be exposed to the heat and moisture from your shower. Keep your makeup away from where you bathe to help cut down on bacterial growth. In addition to keeping it out of a moist environment, you can use a disposable applicator to prevent further bacteria growth in your concealer. If you have an applicator that you put directly on your face and then back into the product, you are transferring any oils that are on your face directly into your concealer. Preventing this transfer of bacteria will help to maximize the shelf life of your concealer.

Ensuring that your makeup is not expired is a far more important task than many of us want to think about. Make sure that you are not causing further issues to your skin by checking your concealers for signs of expiration regularly, and storing them in places that will not shorten their lifespan. Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll never have to worry if you are using products that are past their prime again!

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