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How Can You Find the Area and Perimeter of a Semi-Circle?

Geometry is the study and observation of shapes and their characteristics. It’s significant in architecture, art, and engineering since it gives a logical foundation for comprehending how to design objects in three dimensions. Let us learn about the circle, the perimeter of semicircle, and it’s other properties in this article. We’ll talk about what circles are and how they’ve been utilised for ages in this article. When a line travelling through the centre reaches the two extremities of the circle, it is said to form a semicircle. A circle is made up of points that are all equally spaced from the centre. A radius is the common distance between the centre and point of a circle. As a result, the circle’s centre (O) and radius (R) define it completely (r). In this blog, we will look at the semi-circle and learn how to calculate its area and perimeter.

Perimeter of a Semi-Circle

The perimeter of an object in geometry specifies how far the edges or sides of a shape pass in a single direction around the shape (perimeter). The perimeter is the distance measured around the circle’s periphery. It is calculated by starting at one vertex point or corner point and going in all directions infinitely until the edges of the shape can no longer pass around it. As a result, the perimeter of a circle is 2 × pi × r, while a semicircle occurs when the circle is cut in half, therefore the circle’s perimeter is 2 × pi × r + (2 × r).

The perimeter of a semi circle is not the same as the area, i.e., the perimeter is not half the diameter of a circle. To calculate the perimeter of a semicircle, we need to know the diameter or radius of a circle, as well as the length of the arc. A semicircle’s perimeter is equal to half of the circumference plus the diameter.

Area of a Semicircle

Circles are a fundamental aspect of geometry and a shape with a well-known meaning. They are defined by their centres and radii. Curves are a subset of circles with varying qualities depending on the shape they take: Straight lines have an infinite slope value (they never end), while parabolas have a slope value of zero (the y-axis changes in height at one point only). The centres and radii of objects in space with varied forms describe them. The area of a circle refers to the region or inner space of a circle. The area of semicircle will be half that of a circle because it is half the size of a circle.

The surface area of a semicircle is half that of a circle. Because the radius of a circle is r², the radius of a semicircle is 1/2(r²), and the formula for calculating the area of a semicircle is r². The value is 3.14 or 22/7. 1/2 (r²) is the area of a semicircle.


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