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3 Containers for Homemade Lip Balm

There are so many different containers that can be used for homemade and bulk lip balm. The three most popular containers for lip balm are tubes, jars, and tins. Each of these container types looks different, closes different, and holds a different amount of lip balm, amongst other features. If you’re trying to decide which lip balm container is best for you take its pros and cons into consideration before you make your purchase.

1. Tubes

Lip balm stick tubes are the most common lip balm container. They are tall, thin, cylindrical containers made of plastic. Standard containers are just over two and a half inches tall and a little more than half an inch in diameter. It’s possible to purchase larger or smaller tubes. The tubes are most commonly round, but there are tubes available that are more oval in shape.

Lip balm tubes have a cap closure. The cap snaps on and off the tube with a simple push of the thumb. You can adjust the lip balm before and after use by turning a wheel at the bottom of the tube. The lip balm will move up or down the tube, depending on the direction the wheel is turned.

Standard lip balm tubes hold about 0.15 ounces, or 14.8 ml, of lip balm. You can choose from a variety of tube colors. There are even clear lip balm tubes, too. A rectangular label can be wrapped around the tube. Be careful not to wrap the cap or the wheel with the label.

The pros of using lip balm tubes for making lip balm in bulk include:

  • Containers are easy to fill and label
  • People are familiar with the container style and know how to use it
  • Lip balm can be applied without dipping your finger into the container
  • Least expensive lip balm container option

The cons of using lip balm tubes for making lip balm in bulk include:

  • The cap can be difficult to snap on or off
  • A lip balm filling tray is needed for added ease of filling

2. Jars

Lip balm jars, also known as pots, are also cylindrical in shape. Unlike tubes, however, these lip balm containers are short and wide. Jars are typically made from plastic. The lid to the plastic jar is usually threaded so it twists on or off the container.

Plastic jars come in a variety of sizes. Most people use their fingers to apply a lip balm that comes in a jar.  When you are making homemade lip balm, you want to choose something with a big enough opening so a finger can move around inside of the jar.

The most common size of lip balm jars is a little over one inch tall and one inch in diameter. They will hold about a quarter of an ounce of lip balm. There are many different colors to choose from when you purchase lip balm jars, but the most common color available is white.

If you need to add a label to your jar of lip balm, there are two places you can apply a label. One way to apply your label is to stick a round label to the top of the jar’s lid. Another way to apply the label is to stick a rectangular label around the side of the jar. Make sure the label doesn’t interfere with the lid.

The pros of using lip balm jars for making lip balm in bulk include:

  • Customers get more product per container than in a tube
  • You can have a top and side label for added creativity
  • Jars are easy to fill and don’t require the use of special supplies

The cons of using lip balm jars for making lip balm in bulk include:

  • Lids do not simply pop on or off
  • Lids can take longer to put on the jar

3. Tins

Lip balm tins are another popular container choice. Tins come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are usually short, thin, and wide. They are commonly made from aluminum and are silver in color.

Depending on the design of the container, lids can slide on and off, pop on and off, or screw on and off. Labeling on a lip balm tin is usually done on the top of the tin, bottom of the tin, or both. Tins can hold an ounce or more of lip balm. Users apply lip balm in a tin with their finger or special applicator sold separately.

The pros of using lip balm tins for making lip balm in bulk include:

  • Can hold the most amount of lip balm
  • The most unique packaging option

The cons of using lip balm tins for making lip balm in bulk include:

  • Most expensive lip balm container option
  • Only available in one color (silver)

How to Choose Your Bulk Lip Balm Container?

To decide which lip balm container is best for you, make sure that you understand the benefits of choosing each specific container. You also want to think about how each container functions. Make sure that you choose a container that is not only practical but one that you like. Whenever possible, purchase your containers from a bulk wholesaler to get a higher quantity at a lower price.

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