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Healthy Places to Eat in Portland

Healthy Places to Eat: Healthy food has been coming back into a conversation recently as people push themselves to have ideal bodies that can fit whatever lifestyle they want to lead. Unfortunately, it can be hard to eat healthy, especially if you’re in a city with so many restaurants to pick from.

Portland is one of the most interesting cities on Earth and has a reputation as a green and healthy mecca for anyone who’s chasing a cleaner lifestyle. If you want to enjoy the healthy food you eat, here are the places you should try in this gorgeous city.

Why Portland Is a Green and Healthy Food Paradise?

Portland has a reputation for being ‘crunchy,’ a term used to describe people and places that feel like they make being earth-friendly and clean into their personality.  Portland follows through, though, and offers tons of restaurants, businesses, experiences, and other items that allow you to live as clean and healthy as possible without having to think much of it or pay extra.

This is awesome since healthy foods are generally more expensive and leave people wanting more food than they received.  If you eat at any of these restaurants: you’re going to leave happy and sated, ready to look at Portland houses for sale!

Harlow on Hawthorne

If you’re gluten-free or vegetarian and don’t like having to dig through menus to find something that you can possibly eat: it’s time to just go to Harlow instead.  This gluten-free and organic vegetarian restaurant is a cozy and safe place for you to enjoy tons of food without worrying about your deity restrictions.

With 1.3k ratings that place Harlow at 4.5-stars, it’s clear that this is one of the most popular places in the city.  Its food is delicious, and the atmosphere and friendly staff make it a top pick.

Kure on NW 13th Ave

If you’re vegan and want something fun and interesting: check out Kure.  This fun and trendy smoothie and food restaurant offers heart-healthy snacks and drinks that will fill you up.  This is generally a more expensive restaurant than any other on this list, but even then, it’s still affordable when you compare it to a vegan restaurant in Seattle or LA.  Kire is an awesome place to enjoy great food.

Laughing Planet on Belmont

The most affordable restaurant on this list, with a rating of 4.5 stars as well, Laughing plane is an awesome restaurant that offers combinations of flavor and presentation that you’ll love.  Although it’s health-minded, it’s not only vegan or vegetarian foods, and its most popular dish is a globally inspired burrito that offers the chance to enjoy something incredibly delicious that’s been elevated to an art form.

This restaurant is extremely affordable, but it’s also very popular, so if you don’t get here early enough, you may have to deal with a long line to get in.

Every Meal Should Make You Feel Good

Although we all want to be healthier, it’s important that food makes you feel good above all else.  If healthy food is what excites you, Portland is the place to go!

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