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5 Natural Ways To Treat Hard Pimple? 

Seeing a hard pimple on your face after waking up from sleep can be the most embarrassing part of any day. Many times, they are so stubborn that you will find it hard to remove them even after trying several things. However, no matter how many things you try, it’s always your choice of a skincare regime that helps in tackling the harmful effects of acne. For instance, daily washing your face using natural face wash is one of the habit to adopt in morning skincare routine.

Acne is a pretty common skin condition and no one is safe from it. If you aren’t following a healthy skincare routine, then chances are that you will develop hard pimples. They can appear on top but sometimes, hard pimples can be present beneath the skin. This is the worst kind of acne because dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum are all trapped together in the skin.

1. Wash Your Face

Before applying any treatment process to your skin, it is crucial to wash your face properly using a natural face wash. It should be fragrance-free, gentle, and effective in combating acne problems.

If you have no idea about any such face wash, do a little bit of research or use Medimix  pimple free face wash. We have already researched it and found it an effective remedy to acne-prone skin. It should be used twice a day for the best results.

2. Use Ice

Hard pimples cause inflammation and pain to your skin but you can reduce both of them using ice. Wrap 2-3 ice cubes in a towel and keep them on the affected part of the skin for 5-10 minutes. Repeat it twice a day for getting relief from acne inflammation.

3. Apply Topical Creams

Many topical creams are there to alleviate acne symptoms and restore your beauty. They can either help in killing acne-causing bacteria or reduce symptoms and oil from your skin. But, you have to choose between over-the-counter ones or the ones prescribed by the doctor if you have consulted.

In the skincare industry, the main topical creams that are used include retinoid, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. Make sure to use them in a thin layer to avoid irritation.

  • Retinoid: helps in avoiding clogged pores
  • Antibiotics: kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation
  • Benzoyl Peroxide: leaves no room for bacteria to reside on your skin
  • Salicylic Acid: removes all the dead skin cells

4. Warm Compressing 

As soon as you see whiteheads appearing on your skin, it is important to apply warm compression. You can use a washcloth for this by soaking it in mild-warm water so that your skin doesn’t burn.

Keep the warm compress to the acne for 10-15 minutes and continue this for several days. You will have the pimples draining without doing anything else. While applying this process, don’t squeeze the pimples or else, it will leave a scar on your face.

If you are habitual of picking acne, why not use stickers? Yes, small stickers called hydrocolloid particles are available to cover the pimples so you will not be picking them.

5. Meet a Dermatologist

The best treatment option will be given by a dermatologist only. In case you are fed up with trying different methods of fighting acne problems, meet an expert dermatologist in your area.

He will provide you relief from acne problems using acne surgery or cortisone injection. In the latter process, a diluted steroid is injected into the blemishes using a small needle. It takes one to two weeks to see the results. The pimples will disappear fast using surgery or cortisone injection.

Final Thoughts

Treating hard pimples is no harder when you bring the right product choice to your home and follow daily healthy skin care habits. Stop popping and squeezing pimples along with saying no to toothpaste on acne. You also have to consume immune booster food to reduce pimples development.

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