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9 New Hair Colours That Will Be In Trend This Year

So we made it! It’s finally 2021 and you want to celebrate with a new hair color.

Experts predict 2021 is going to be about having fun as life starts to slowly return to normal , well kind of. Bold new colors, pastels and subtle shade changes that are easy to maintain will be all the rave. Here are some of the colors that will dominate 2021. Of course you can have these colors done by one of the stylists of Dashstylists, the largest network of mobile barbers and mobile hair stylists of the Southeast of the US.

1. Glossy Black

This tried and true color can be universally flattering. But f your nervous about taking the plunge to the dark side ask your colorist for “dark brunette” instead of “black” to ease into the dark tone. Since black hair looks so shiny and healthy, this color actually flatters a wide range of skin tones—on paler skin it has a Snow White effect, and on darker skin it can bring out richer tones says Liz Burns, the creative director and lead stylist at Goldie x Bob Salon in Denver.

2. Grey hair

Over the past year we’ve seen many women deciding to embracing a more natural look, not having access to their colorists and just a slower paced daily life has led many women to the decision to let their grays grow in. While its become an easy decision for women who already had grey hair many are loving the chic look of cool silver/grey toned tresses and going that route with all over bleaching and highlighting .

3. Warm and brown balayage

Balayage has been all the rave for a few years now with blondes especially but a warm toned brown balayage will be popular this year. You can ask your colorist for various shades of brown placed throughout your hair for the most multi-toned, dimensional and natural look.

4. Blonde balayage

New year new you? If 2021 has you ready to get a little blonder why not start off with a blonde balayage. Balayage helps for a easier transition with going lighter .You can again ask your colorist for various shades of blonde for that dimensional multi—toned look.

5. Auburn hair trend

Any shade of red is always a stand out choice in hair color. With auburn being such a rich warm color its sure to dominate the scene this year. Like most red hair color it might not last the longest ( reds are prone to fading) or be the easier to maintain ( Red hair color is notorious for needing a refresh which means dying often) but it sure will have you turning heads.

6. Pastel Pink

Bright, fun, unnatural hair colors have been super in the past year. That doesn’t seem to be a trend thats going anywhere but in 2021 you will be sure to see a more muted pastel version of this. Pastel pink being one of the top colors. Keep your eye out for pinks, lilacs and even shades of blue this spring. Temporary hair color is a great option for this.

7. Chunky Highlights

Yes the chunky highlights you might remember from the early 90’s are back. This time around the chunky highlights have gotten a bit of a makeover. Stylists are combining the original method with new techniques in coloring such as babylights and balayage giving them a fresh look. A good rule of thumb when getting highlights is to stay around two shades lighter than your natural hair color to keep it natural looking and sun kissed.

8. Natural hair colors

Natural you say, yup this year it’s all about looking “naturalish”, says George Papanikolas ( celebrity colorist). “A return to natural color is on the outlook, but when I say natural, don’t mean, you know, natural,” he says. “I’m talking about a more seamless blend of hair color.” So you will be seeing lots of browns, blondes and auburns in natural tones .

9. Temporary hair color

We talked about pastels being in and now is your chance to try one out or another funky color you normally wouldn’t want to commit to. Many people will be experimenting with temporary colors ( think pinks, blues, violet) that lasts for just a few washes instead of committing to bleach and a salon visit This can be a fun way to change things up a bit.