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Gym Supplements To Increase Your Workout

Gym Supplements: Which works the best, is there one brand better than the next, can one work quicker than the next, these are all valid questions and some of which you may be asking yourself, trainers, or shop assistants when looking to increase your fitness and physic.

But with the increase in fitness and activity opportunities and the large variety of training programs and styles on the market each one using their own methods, it can become overwhelming quickly. So what do you do, buy each one and try them all over a set period and see which does or does not work?

As fun as that sounds it also means expensive and could have long-term negative effects on your body that are easily preventable. What you need is a hot cup of tea, an hour or two to yourself to do research and homework, and look further into the topic and which options are available to you.

Find your flavor.  

The main objective is to find something that works for you, not following the mass crowds or what is in ‘fashion’ now, you are unique and your workout and diet will be too. Finding a supplement that will add value and sustenance to your workouts is key, so before you purchase anything take a quick look at the Pre-Workout Review guide to give you an overall idea and indication of what is in stores and what they offer.

Some people simply opt for the cheapest or even the most expensive thinking that more money equals greater results, unfortunately, this couldn’t be more wrong. The same goes for a supplement being sold for a price that seems too good to be true and to be honest it probably is.

Who knows what ingredients are in those products if you are risking your health by putting in substances you haven’t heard of before simply because you got it for a good price tag? Rather take a moment and do your research, it could be the difference between a bad reaction and a product that could change your life.


Why do people take supplements or shakes and grass shots to build muscle you ask, could they not just spend an extra half an hour in the gym, add another weight? If it were so simple then yes they might have, but in today’s age with competitive levels on the rise, it can be tough trying to keep up with the Joneses on natural iron.

There is always going to be someone bigger than you, an athlete with more defined muscle tone, or muscle group definition cut out like a Greek sculpture, which means that sometimes we need help.

The use of supplements is not so much as to grow your muscles as it is to give you the boost, stamina, and endurance to train at high-intensity levels for longer. It has a certain level of nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins to increase energy and caffeine to get the ball rolling.


The plus side of a pre-workout shake or supplement.

There is a long list of the positives of adding a supplement to your workout routine, you can see here for a more detailed and in-depth explanation of the ingredients and their effects on the body, but let’s take a look at the more common ones.

  • Most of the supplements have a higher dosage of amino acids which are easily and more rapidly absorbed into the muscle protein synthesis making it immediately available to the muscle to feed and grow.
  • With added muscle, you inevitably become that much stronger but the helping hand is the creatine added into the mix. It increases the energy levels and as the muscles grow allow for more muscle mass.
  • Fatigue is the number one peeve of athletes, if they could go for longer they would. Pre-workout shakes and powders are great for getting that added dose of caffeine for a much-needed energy boost. It is like swigging back a double espresso but with the added benefits of growing your guns, so to speak.
  • You may not think it but mentally being prepared goes a long way when it comes to workouts and maintaining a routine, and knowing you have your supplements working in your body is a great motivation to making the most of it. You push harder, for as long as your body will allow, and you push yourself physically with the help of a strong mental state.

A final thought.

Wanting to be fitter, leaner, and stronger than you’ve ever been is a great goal to have on the vision board and bucket list, and if you can actually make it happen with the help of a pre-workout ‘milkshake’ then what are you waiting for.

Too often we put things off, say we’ll do it next year or ‘later,’ and unfortunately later becomes never, and you spend your life thinking not about all the achievements but rather the could haves or should haves. No thank you.

The time to look how you have always wanted to is now, and when you’re older with no regrets you can sit on the porch with your cup of tea and flip through the photo album admiring your physic when you were at the top and looking at your best. Now there is a story for the grandkids right?

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