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5 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry: A miniature pendant, ear hoops, a tender wristlet or thin anklets! The simplicity and elegance of gold are beyond description!  Gold is the traditional jewelry of the elite. The lustre, sparkle and versatility of gold make it a classic jewelry choice for many. Despite changes in trends; gold continues to be a timeless accessory passed on from generation to generation without losing its attractiveness.

However, when purchasing gold, you need to be familiar with some aspects of it. Here are three crucial things you need to know-

  • 24-carat gold isn’t as superior as it is believed to be. Most of us are allured to this due to its 99.99% purity, however, it is very soft to be used in most jewelry.
  • Alloys of gold are stronger since they are combined with other metals to enhance their strength.
  • Never forget to look for a quality mark on your gold purchase since it portrays the authenticity and quality of your gold.

Gold jewelry is exorbitantly priced but can be stored for eons. However; regular use or long-time storage of gold jewelry can over time dim or fade the radiance of the jewelry piece. This is why frequently cleaning and maintaining the jewellery is vital to preserving it.

There are several DIYs and professional methods you will come across that guide you to take care of your gold jewellery. Here are 5 tips by Dolphing Galleries to take care of your gold jewelry-

1] Clean regularly

Like you clean everything else to maintain its condition; cleaning gold jewelry regularly is also necessary to maintain its sheen and newness. After consistent usage or long-time storage; accumulation of dust, skin oils and grime is natural. The impact of this might not be evident instantaneously but the particles can pile up and ultimately diminish the gleam of the jewelry surface. Implementing weekly cleaning sessions will keep your jewelry fresh all year long.

Clean gold jewelry

Cleansing gold jewelry is not as difficult as you might think. Simply soak the jewelry pieces in lukewarm soapy water for a couple of hours and then thoroughly rinse them off with clean water. Make sure the soap you are using is gentle and free of additives or fragrances. Allow each piece to dry thoroughly before you wear the jewelry. Vinegar and baking soda can also be used as cleaning agents.

Using toothpaste to clean jewelry is circulated as a magic trick all over the internet but this is highly misguiding. Toothpastes usually include abrasive substances which might react with the metal and cause further damage.

2] Take off the jewelry whenever necessary 

Remember gold is a soft metal which makes it susceptible to dings, scratches, and dents. Therefore, get rid of gold jewelry when performing certain tasks. For instance-when playing any high-contact sport or going for a bath, it is always a good idea to take off your jewelry and keep it safe. Wearing gold jewelry while bathing can lead to an accumulation of soap which will cause a film on your jewelry. Even makeup, perfume, hairspray, and lotions can damage your gold. Therefore, it is recommended to always adorn oneself with jewelry at the end when getting ready to limit exposure.


Lastly, when pursuing tasks like cooking, cleaning, doing household chores or gardening, avoid wearing jewelry since the chemicals you come in contact with when carrying out these processes can act as powerful abrasives, acids or alkalines, which could take the polish off your jewelry.

3] Use soft materials

As mentioned before; gold is a soft metal; therefore, to protect it from scratching, bending, and tarnishing, you should always employ soft materials while cleaning like soft cloths or soft-bristled brushes. Avoid using a paper towel or tissue as these can scratch your jewelry.

4] Look out for harsh chemicals at all costs

harsh chemicals use to clean jewelry

Harsh chemicals especially chlorine can have adverse effects on ornaments. When gold is exposed to chlorine, it starts weakening or degrading and finally breaks. Many household cleaners or detergents contain abrasives and acids which have a high potential to damage gold jewellery. To avoid contact with harsh chemicals, you can wear rubber gloves or simply take off the jewelry piece.

5] Storage 

Now that you are acquainted with cleaning your jewelry, let’s talk about another important aspect that is storing the jewelry. It is suggested that you use a proper compartmentalized box to store your jewelry. Since ornaments are usually fragile, storing them in proper segments can avoid the risks of scratching, tangling, or breaking. Store jewelry in a way that the chances of oxidation and corrosion are eradicated. Gold specifically should be stored in a cool dry place, with minimum exposure to sunlight.


With the above-mentioned tips, you can increase the lifespan of your jewelry, keep your gold pieces sparkling and eliminate the build-up of dust, makeup, and body oils, thereby ensuring you keep your gold accessories as good as new. Though deterioration of jewelry significantly relies upon the foundational quality, with proper care, you can keep them in a flawless condition and show off your gorgeous pieces for years and years!

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