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Gentlemen’s Corner: Five Tips to Create the Perfect Man Cave in 2024

How often have you had the man of the house have his friends over for a game night and had to adjust your schedule around it? Because let’s admit it, those game nights and poker nights can get messy, loud, and distracting. At times it may even cause a rift between you and your significant other. However, there’s a simple solution to this, have a designated space in the house as his man cave.

This is one space in the house where men can call all the shots from furnishing to the decor without ruining the overall aesthetics of the main house. Moreover, this is the space where it’s perfectly fine to have a game or poker night with buddies without disturbing the rest of the family.

In a survey, forty percent of homeowners responded that they have a man cave in their home and 13 percent reported having one underway. Moreover, since man caves relegate all noise, trash, and manly activities to one specific space, the significant others and the families have come to understand the value of having a man cave in the house.

Have you been planning to have a designated corner for the man in your life and his friends? A space where he can seek refuge on weekdays and host boys’ nights on weekends with some games and beer? Here are some tips to create the perfect man cave in 2022.

Insulation and Soundproofing

The main purpose of the man cave is to have a separate space, cut-off from the main house. This way noisy game nights and video game sounds wouldn’t be a bother to the rest of the family. The other way round is also applicable when you’re seeking peace and relaxation, you would want your man cave to be as quiet as possible.

The best way to soundproof a room without blowing your budget is to invest in carpets and textiles. Get a floor mat and rug for the entire flooring and hang heavy curtains on the door and windows. Thick curtains and wooly carpets will give a premium gentleman’s club vibe to your man cave.

Lastly, soundproofing will involve closing the duct space to the room and won’t have the heat and cooling from the main house. To ensure that you’re comfortable in your zone, consider insulating and weather-proofing the space.

Pick a Theme

Since the man cave is considered to be a place of refuge, it needs to have a vibe that resonates with you and puts you at ease. Close your eyes and imagine what you would like your man cave to look like. It could be anything from a retro gentlemen’s club to a video game arcade.

Choose your paint and decor accordingly to suit the mood you want when you enter the man cave. For example, if you’re thinking of an adult playroom, consider painting the room in a dark grey concrete-like finish or to be more on-trend, have an exposed brick wall look. The exposed brick wall not only goes with the whole rugged vibe of a man cave but also looks extremely chic.

Pick wall hangings, art pieces, and wall rugs to match your vibe. Get a ping-pong or pool table, dartboard, and possibly a retro arcade gaming console to finish the look of the man cave.

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

The furniture you choose for the man cave will define how comfortable or at ease you feel in the space. Think sofas and couches that are long enough for you to lie down comfortably while watching TV. Put the sofa and couches against the wall to have an open space in the middle for the game table. You can also get a recliner to two to place in front of the TV for video gaming or movie nights.

Additionally, it would be best to have at least one good massage chair in the man cave. Online massage chair stores like ​​Wonder Massage Chairs have a wide selection of massage chairs. You can choose from compact and sleek options if you have space crunch or the top-of-the-line zero-gravity massage chairs with all bells and whistles.

The best part is that no matter what your budget is, you’ll find an option that will fit the man cave just right. Moreover, being able to get a massage at the end of a tiring day is sheer bliss to have.

Invest in a Right Media System

What’s a man cave without a proper media system? When we say media system it encompasses all from a large smart TV to enjoy sports, movies, and games on, a powerful sound system, a music player, and a gaming console. These days you can head to online stores or even retail stores to buy packages that include some or all of these.

Pick a combination that works the best for the man cave space in your house and get them installed properly. Ensure that speakers are placed strategically to provide surround sound. Additionally, ensure whether he prefers Xbox or PlayStation before getting the console for the space. Invest in a TV depending on the console and home theater system you pick.

Make Space for a Bar

What’s a man cave without spirits? Have a dedicated space for a mini bar in the man cave so that he and his friends can wet their whistles on occasion. It can be as minimal or as elaborate as you want it to be. Simply have a sideboard with a mini-fridge or go all out by installing shelvings for liquor, beer on tap through a kegerator, or more. All you need is a dedicated space to store all-things booze-related.

So there you go! Once you have incorporated these tips to create the perfect man cave in the house, you can enjoy some much-needed alone time in your home without disturbing the peace with your partner.

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