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What Does Full Service Spa Mean?

Full Service Spa: A visit to a day spa can yield significant benefits for those who partake in such an activity. That said, there are different types of spas. Additionally, such facilities often differ in the services offered to prospective customers. However, certain establishments are defined as full service. Read on to learn more about spas, their potential benefits, and what the term full service actually means.

Spa Categories

There are several spa categories. However, two of the more commonly visited entities are day and destination spas. These facilities might offer some of the same amenities. However, there is one major difference. Day spas are locations patrons frequent just for the day. Said establishments are unlike destination spas, which attending subjects spend one or several nights in as guests. Specific examples of destination spas are luxury hotels stocked with spa facilities.

Full Service Definition

As its moniker might suggest, full service facilities offer customers every possible amenity that a spa has to offer. Specific perks include:

Specially-Trained Staff

Most reputable full service establishments will employ a staff of trained estheticians, licensed body and beauty caregivers, and massage therapists.

A Clean And Inviting Environment

Well-run day spas should operate out of clean, well-maintained facilities capable of comfortably accommodating the services said facility offers in as safe and secure an atmosphere as possible. This should include private treatment rooms.

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Day spas will offer various massages such as shiatsu, reflexology, lymph node drainage, Swedish, and deep tissue.

Skin Treatments

Many spas offer therapies designed to improve a recipient’s skin health and aesthetic appearance, including exfoliation, electrolysis, the application of body packs and wraps, cellulite, waxing, and heating techniques.


During this procedure, various plant products’ extracts are broken down and turned into light liquid mists that produce pleasing aromas. Many people undergo this type of treatment to promote relaxation and alleviate or potentially cure any number of nagging and untoward ailments.

Specialized Face Treatment

Numerous spas offer treatment specifically geared towards heightening the well-being and look of a person’s face. Common actions are known as face cleanings and facials. However, spa guests might also choose to undergo more intense face-enhancing endeavours such as medical facials, electrical toning, non-surgical facelifts and electrolysis, in which stubborn collections of unwanted hair are removed.


Sydney Saunas are small, enclosed rooms where visitors are exposed to large concentrations of steam and elevated temperatures. Those who frequent said locations experience intense and increased perspiration that proponents maintain will help cleanse the body of waste products and promote better general health.


This perk employs water at varying temperatures for intended health purposes. Specific examples include foot baths, steam baths, sitz baths, and contrast therapy.

Exercise Programs

Full service spas will typically offer attendees the option to partake in various exercise programs.

Nutrition And Weight Management

Spa facilities might also offer prospective guests the opportunity to partake in programs designed to improve their nutritional practices and receive instruction regarding optimal weight management techniques.


Additionally, an appreciable percentage of day spas allow potential customers to undergo beautification enhancements such as hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, and cosmetic application.

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Potential Benefits

Day spa owners, operators, and many healthcare providers agree that visiting a full service facility could have significant benefits, including:

Reduced Stress

Most amenities offered at spas are specifically geared towards helping an individual unwind and alleviate tension. A more relaxed individual often sleeps better and enjoys a healthier, more optimal quality of life.

Improved Mental State

A healthier body often translates into a calmer and happier mind. With such facts at hand, it is not surprising that spa frequenters often experience a greater sense of happiness, experience fewer incidents of mental issues like anxiety and depression, and operate with clearer minds, improving cognitive functions such as focus and memory.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance

Arguably, the most common reason individuals visit spas is to improve their appearance. Many services said facilities offer amenities specially designed to give recipients a younger, more youthful look.

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