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Favorite Personalized Health Finds Shoppers are Seeking Out

Personalized Health: It’s perhaps no surprise that physical and mental health has taken center stage in the lives of millions. Fueled in part by a pandemic that seemed to resist all attempts at containment, people around the world are bringing a renewed seriousness to monitoring and improving their well-being. While “an apple a day” still has its place, of course, rapid advances in technology, fulfillment centers, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and even virtual reality are having an impact on how we care for ourselves. Listed below are a few recent innovations you may have missed, new products and services that help answer our collective need for renewal.

Tower Paddle Boards

“Your health and fitness goals don’t have to be ones that you dread. At Tower Paddle Boards, we offer a fun and unique way to get your blood flowing and your calories burning. No matter your age or fitness level, paddleboarding is a great option for escaping your repetitive gym routine or just trying out a new hobby. It’s also a great way to get outdoors. And thanks to our direct-to-consumer business model, we’re able to sell our top-notch quality paddle boards at the lowest prices possible.”

Stephan Aarstol, Founder and CEO Tower Paddle Boards


“If you’ve learned during the pandemic that you actually prefer the convenience of getting things done from home, I’ve got great news. You can get essential medical care without leaving the house or even doing a video visit! Through the Nurx website or app, you can connect with a wonderful medical provider licensed in your state to request birth control, prescription skincare, migraine treatment, herpes treatment and more, and once the medical provider prescribes medication, our pharmacy will deliver it to your door. We bill insurance or offer affordable out-of-pocket pricing with free shipping, but the best part is that the caring Nurx medical team will be available to you for an entire year to answer questions related to your care.”

Varsha Rao, CEO of Nurx


“Anxiety, addiction, and pain have all reached epidemic proportions in the first two decades of the 21st century. That was true before the pandemic of 2020 caused all three categories to skyrocket. Stress is literally killing us, and yet so many of us aren’t being helped by traditional means. Working with a team of scientists, all of them top researchers in their respective fields, we developed Healium, a combination of virtual reality and neurofeedback. This unique approach to relaxation has been clinically demonstrated to provide heightened levels of anxiety self-management, positivity, elevated empathy, and overall mood improvement. Given the seriousness of the stress epidemic and its associated cost both in quality of life and dollars lost to illness, Healium provides a sound alternative for relaxation, and it’s all backed by science.”

Sarah Hill, CEO and Chief Storyteller Healium

If seeing is believinPersonalized Health: It’s perhaps no surprise that physical and mental health has taken center stage in the lives of millions.g, then trying out in the privacy of your own home is the new adopting. Believe it or not, some people still resist going to the gym. Many would prefer to have their private medical needs kept, well…private. Still others have tried various means for battling back against anxiety with uneven results. Whatever the perceived health need, more and more consumers are demanding that businesses view them as individuals. These innovative products and services are making significant inroads into the healthcare industry by recognizing that the future will be won by companies that leverage technology to meet individual needs.

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