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Eyelash Aftercare Tips To Use After Removing Your Extensions

Suppose you’re planning on removing your natural eyelash extensions. In that case, whether this is your first time getting extensions or not, you may need a little assistance figuring out how to remove them safely and make sure your natural lashes are still as healthy as possible. Natural lash extensions can be a lot of fun, but they can also require you to take part in a little bit of extra upkeep. Do you want to reuse your natural lash extensions? How do you keep your lashes healthy? And what else should you know?

If you’re looking for more information about how to take care of your eyelashes after removing your natural lash extensions, you’re in the right place. We can give you a few tips and tricks to lead you in the right direction. Continue reading if you would like to see our complete breakdown of how to take care of your lashes.

How to Remove Your Natural Lash Extensions Safely

If you want to remove your eyelash extensions safely and inexpensively, you can try using one of a few different face-safe oils. Some of the most popular face-safe oils you can try include coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. If you’re allergic to certain ingredients, including coconut, you should opt for one of the alternatives to avoid a reaction.

To remove your natural lash extensions safely, dip a clean cotton ball or makeup removal pad into your face-safe oil of choice, then swipe carefully across your upper and lower lash lines. Your natural lash extensions should come off almost immediately and easily if you remove them this way. Additionally, these natural oils may help repair your lashes if they feel or appear damaged, adding strength and moisturization to the hairs.

However, if you’re removing your natural lash extensions at home, exercise caution. If these oils get into your eyes, they may cause irritation or discomfort. In the case oil gets into your eyes, rinse it out immediately with cool to warm temperature water. If irritation persists for too long after washing, please seek medical attention.

How to Remove Your Natural Lash Extensions if You Want to Reuse Them

If you want to remove your natural lash extensions so you can reuse them, you likely won’t find much success with the previous suggestions. This is because oils can make it difficult for eyelashes to re-adhere in the future. If you’ve prepared properly for your eyelash extension appointment in the past, you know that excess oils and products can make it extremely difficult for your extensions to last as long as possible. Excess oil may also make your eyelashes attach and fall askew.

Therefore, if you would like to reuse your natural eyelash extensions, we recommend you look for another solution. Some at-home eyelash extension companies sell these kinds of solutions online, and through a little bit of research, you can find something that meets your personal needs.

Some of these solutions come with an applicator brush, meaning that it can be applied to your lashes for removal. However, if the solution doesn’t come with an applicator, you can also use a cotton ball or makeup removal pad. You may want to use a cotton ball, pad, or clean fingers to remove the extensions for reuse in an orderly fashion.

How to Help Your Eyelashes Heal and Regrow Healthily

If you want to make sure your eyelashes are healthy and regrow correctly after removal, we have a few tips you might find helpful. Damage after extension removal is generally due to poor adhesive quality or too much added weight to the lashes for an extended period of time, which means that most of the damage is preventable. However, if it’s too late and your natural lashes could use a little love, we have a few suggestions for you to try.

Use Natural Oil

As suggested earlier, it wouldn’t hurt to apply a natural oil to your lashes in order to repair the damage. In addition to coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil, you can also try lavender oil, castor oil, or rosemary oil. Again, try to keep any potential allergies in mind in order to avoid negative allergic reactions.

Apply Lash Serums

There are also eyelash serums that can help strengthen and lengthen your lashes. If you’re concerned about using natural ingredients, we strongly recommend doing a little bit of research to ensure your personal standards are met. You can also go to your beauty technician for their recommendations. You can also visit a new technician if you don’t trust the last one.

Go Makeup-Free

You may also want to avoid certain makeup products if you’re trying to regrow your lashes extremely quickly. This will help your lashes regrow, especially if you take a break for a full lash growth cycle, which may last anywhere from six to eight weeks.


If your eyelashes have been badly damaged after removing eyelash extensions, there are a few things you can do in order to help speed up growth and keep your lashes healthy. We hope that following a regimen of upkeep gives you the results you’re looking for and that our suggestions are extremely helpful.

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