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Elegant Makeup Tips For The Races

Makeup Tips: There is nothing quite like getting dolled up for a day at the races. Horse racing has long been synonymous with high fashion and society so there is no reason not to don your best outfit and head out for a day of elegant fashions on the field. There are a few key makeup tips that are evergreen when it comes to the races that can be used year after year with the season’s latest colors to go with any racing carnival outfit.

Less is more

As most horseracing events take place during the day, you shouldn’t over apply your makeup. What you are going for is a spring look that is soft and feminine that will blend with the spring style of the season to complete your race day look.

Use subtle tones

Pastels are most commonly used in spring clothing lines. When translating this into the makeup you will wear on the day, try to keep with the subtle look, especially around your eye so your makeup will perfectly complement your outfit without becoming the most outstanding feature.

Aim for contrast

Using only a single color in any outfit can appear plain and boring, especially when you are surrounded by the bright and colorful jerseys worn by both jockeys and horses at the racetrack. If you have a dress in a solid color, try using multiple colors blended perfectly for your eye makeup to create a contrasting look.

Create a bit of fun

A day at the races is all about enjoyment, from the bright and colorful hats and fascinators to the champagne that is readily flowing to the Queen Elizabeth Stakes betting that is going on all around you. Try to match your makeup look to the tone and theme of the day, keeping it light and bright and bubbly.

Keep it striking

Any makeup lover will understand the difference that a striking lipstick shade can make to an outfit. Even if you go with a more subtle tone during the day, keep a striking shade at the ready so that you can transform from the daytime to the evening with minimal fuss.

Lashes for days

If you are keeping the rest of your look simple and feminine, the best way to create a standout feature is by including a luscious set of lashes in your outfit. Extra-long lashes are great for a single day out and are a striking way for you to make an impact with your look.

The value of nudes

Nude tones are a great way to keep your makeup subtle enough for your dress to be the real features. If you have an extra impressive dress, you may not want to take away from that with makeup that is over the top. This is where nude tones are perfect for balance.

Dressing to impress for a day at the races is not only fun but, for some people, it is a once in a lifetime experience so you want to be sure that you get your look just right. When planning your outfit for the day, you need to remember that the races are all about style and elegance so make sure you’re not going over the top with your look. As a daytime event, less is always more when it comes to finding the perfect look.