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Dr. Shelton Zenith Labs and other Health Channels to Follow on YouTube Channel This Year

Health Channels: YouTube is a valuable educational and entertainment resource. As the second most trafficked website in the world, finding great content isn’t difficult.

If you’re interested in natural and sustainable health, you’ve likely already heard of Dr. Shelton of Zenith Labs. His commitment to publishing consistent and insightful videos has generated a significant following over the years.

Dr. Shelton’s channel covers a variety of health topics that will keep you engaged for hours. If you’re looking for an additional selection of health-related YouTube channels, here are some others that you should be following:

1. Dr. Sam Robbins

Want to obtain a youthful glow? Dr. Sam Robbins is an anti-aging specialist. Through his knowledge of physiology and nutrition, he offers tips for people who are looking to achieve their health goals with minimal effort.

Rather than focusing on dry academia, Dr. Robbins provides actionable advice that can be easily implemented into your daily life.

2. Life Well Lived

In recent years, there has been a renewed focus on natural health. For more insights into alternative medicines and natural remedies to common ailments, you can concoct at home, add Life Well Lived to your YouTube feed.

As well as natural remedies to fix your natural health, this channel uploads daily videos that focus on mental health and general bodily care.

Take another step towards perfect health with Life Well Lived!

3. The Betty Rocker

The Betty Rocker, Bree Argetsinger, is known as the “punk rock Betty Crocker” and helps people transform themselves inside and out.

This YouTuber is both a health coach and a fitness motivator. She uses her channel to get people off the couch and create solutions that can help them become the best versions of themselves.

With more than 42% of Americans suffering from obesity, this is the channel helping to cut those figures down.

4. Purelytwins

While many natural health channels tend to focus on niche areas, Purelytwins is a channel that provides its followers with a little bit of everything.

These twins are both fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurs with the sole aim of inspiring others to become happy, healthy, and fabulous. While their content is mainly aimed at stay-at-home moms, everyone can take something from this channel.

From gluten-free recipes to short workouts that can be done at home, this is the perfect starting point for creating a healthier lifestyle.

5. Lotte Murphy

Lotte Murphy is a London-based Pilates instructor and health coach. This YouTube channel started as a simple, healthy lifestyle blog and has turned into something much bigger.

Lotte Murphy has hundreds of videos on how to create a healthy lifestyle, how to work out more efficiently, and how to eat better.

For a helping hand on your journey to better health, add Lotte Murphy to your feed.

Final Thoughts

Cutting through the noise and finding the YouTube sensations that have something valuable to say isn’t always the easiest thing.

If you’ve been inspired by Dr. Shelton from Zenith Labs, these five YouTube channels will be great to help you continue on your path of achieving your health goals.

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