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The Biggest Differences Between Dip Nails and Acrylics

There are so many trends with nails that it’s hard to keep up with. Dip, gel, acrylic, basic manicures- going to the nail salon can be overwhelming. The two most popular choices for creating long-lasting manicures are acrylic and dip. Some people haven’t tried dip nails because they are used to what they know– but what if I told you that a perfect at-home manicure is only a few minutes away with dip nails?

Safety First

One major advantage to dip nails is that they have a lower rate of infection. A dip manicure is not much different than a regular manicure with just a few extra steps. Dip nails have thin layers, versus the thicker layer of acrylic, and because the dip nail layers are thinner there is less of a chance for infection and nail breakage. Have you ever had an acrylic nail ripped off? It’s very painful, and there’s a much smaller chance of this happening with dip. The glue used in acrylic can also contain dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to your nails, which can lead to infection but also to thinner nails. It’s always a big disappointment after having acrylic nails and after removal your nails are thin and brittle- this is less likely to happen with dip nails, which is safer for your nails.

What’s the Process Like?

One of the main differences, of course, is how acrylic and dip nails are applied. Acrylic nails require nail tips that are put over the nail and need to be shaped before being applied. This means acrylic nails can take longer to apply. After acrylic nails are shaped the color is then painted on using either traditional nail polish or gel nail polish. Dip nails do not use gel polish or traditional nail polish but instead you apply the color in thin layers using dip powder. The dip powder lasts for a very long time and the same color can be used for dozens of manicures. This also means you skip a step because you are applying the color as you go with the manicure instead of at the end. Dip nails do not require a UV light and can dry naturally. With dip nails you will apply layers of clear polish for the dip powder to stick to and then apply the powder by either putting your finger in the jar or sprinkling it over your nail. They dry and harden quickly and can stay on for weeks. You can put tips on with dip nails but they are not required.

How Long Do They Last?

One of the biggest advantages of dip nails is how long they last. Acrylic nails last an average of two to four weeks before the glue starts to break off or the polish starts to chip, but dip nails can last four weeks when applied correctly. You won’t have to worry about chipping, as the powder hardens on your nails. If you aren’t someone who has the time to go to the nails every two weeks, dip nails are a perfect option for you! You can also get closer to the nail bed with dip nail application versus acrylic, which makes the growth less noticeable. So not only will your nails be beautiful for longer with less chance of infection, but your wallet will be thicker since you won’t be going to the salon as often. That means you have more money in your budget to go places and show off your dip nails!

At-Home Ease

Do you get tired of going to the salon? Have you started budgeting more and looked at the cost of salon services and realized you are giving salons too much of your hard-earned cash? At-home manicures may be the answer for your problems. It is possible to do both dip nails and acrylic nails at home, but dip nails can be done much easier. Acrylic nails take a lot of equipment and practice, especially since you have to make sure you apply the acrylic properly so it does not lead to infection. Dip nails, however, can be easily applied! If you can apply nail polish you can make a beautiful manicure at home. You’ll simply need clean nails and the tools provided in a Nailboo kit. The starting cost for at-home acrylic nails are much more expensive, since you need more tools and will need to buy gel or nail polish separately. Gel lasts much longer on acrylic nails than traditional nail polish but is more expensive and time consuming, and you can get longer lasting results with dip.

Both acrylic and dip nails are popular, but dip nails are a safer and longer-lasting option- have you placed your at-home dip nails order yet?!

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