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Do Face Masks Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 Infection?

Most people doubt the effectiveness of the mask especially the homemade masks as a protective measure against the covid-19. Every day claims surface on how medical experts have deceived the world into using masks that don’t protect their wearer against Covid-19. However, these claims have no proof to ascertain the inefficiency of these masks. To answer that question still looming in your mind; yes, face masks alongside other public health preventive measures for Covid-19 helps to slow down the spread of the virus, and you can get the best quality face masks at

If face masks really prevent the spread of Covid-19, why weren’t they introduced from the onset of the pandemic? Medical experts knew not the extent to which individuals with the disease could spread it. They didn’t understand what they were battling with as these individuals with Covid-19 could spread the virus even though they didn’t have any symptoms yet. Another group of individuals who had the virus but didn’t present any symptoms could also transmit the infection.

After these discoveries were made by the WHO and CDC, researches were carried out on face masks and they were discovered to reduce the spread of covid-19 infection and so were adopted. The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises the public to put on homemade face masks while the N95 and surgical masks will be used by medical personnel.

How face masks prevent the spread of covid-19 infection?

Your face masks help to protect people around you

Types of masks

Coronavirus is easily spread from person to person by the means of respiratory droplets. These droplets can be taken into the air through saliva or droplets from your nose when you cough, sneeze, shout, talk or sing. Imagine if you are infected, these respiratory droplets you have expelled can be swallowed or breathed in by other persons near you.

Sometimes, these droplets may settle on their skin or clothing and they may wipe their hands on that same spot which is now infected and use that hand to eat or wipe their nostrils. Unknown to them, just that harmless sneeze has gotten them infected.

Your face mask serves as a simple barrier that contains your respiratory droplets therefore preventing them from getting to others. Recent studies show that the effectiveness of your face mask is increased when you wear it over your nose and mouth.

What if I don’t feel sick?

You must understand that certain individuals who are infected by the coronavirus are asymptomatic. That is they do not show any covid-19 symptoms. Also, you won’t show covid-19 symptoms immediately you are infected. Not feeling sick might mean the following;

  • You are not infected
  • You are asymptomatic
  • You are still in the incubation stage of the virus ie. Your symptoms are yet to manifest.

Imagine if you fall in the last two groups, you can still spread the virus even though you don’t feel sick. Therefore, you must wear a face mask even if you don’t feel sick. Remember you are not just putting on some uncomfortable mask. You are protecting your loved ones and other people around you from being possible victims of covid-19.

Your face mask offers you some protection

Being protected by your home made face mask depends on the following factors;

  • How well your mask fits
  • The type of fabric used in making the mask
  • The number of the layers of fabric etc.

Who should put on a mask?

The following people must wear a mask:

  • Anybody above the age of 2 can should wear a face mask whenever they step out in public.
  • Anyone who is caring for a sick person.
  • Anyone who suspects that they may be infected or sick with coronavirus.

Who should not wear a mask?

The following people must not wear a mask:

  • Asthmatic patients or people who have trouble breathing
  • An unconscious or incapacitated individual
  • Children younger than 2 years
  • People who have sensory, behavioral or cognitive problems must not wear face masks if they cannot tolerate it.

In Conclusion

People wearing face masks

It is necessary to wear a mask when you are indoors with persons you don’t live with or in a place where you cannot stay 6 feet away from people around you such as a cab, bus, etc.

Recent medical research has discovered that Gdnf elisa kit can be used in the detection of covid-19 specific antibodies in an asymptomatic or presymptomatic individual. Also, polyclonal antibody production can help with the replacement of worn-out antibodies that died or got weary while trying to prevent coronavirus from invading your body.