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A Women’s Hair Care Guide to Choosing Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Hairfall is one of the top-most concerns that women from all over the world suffer from. It is also the most common amongst all the hair woes that women often complain about. There could be many reasons that can cause hair fall and even more, solutions prompted to cure the issue.

However, considering the ever-busy lifestyles, growing pollution, and the haphazardous environment surrounding us, it is rather tricky and tedious of a task to take care of one’s hair appropriately. The reasons that are causing hair fall could be varying from having stress, lack of nutrition, dehydration of scalp, some medication, illnesses, or as simple as using incorrect products.

The search for better hair products like hair oils and anti hairfall shampoo for women is an ongoing ordeal that never seems to cease.

Here are a few guiding tips that could help women pick the right kind of hair fall shampoo that would finally be able to help them gain healthy and luscious tresses.

Top points to consider before choosing an anti-hair fall shampoo:

What is your hair type?

It is a crucial question to consider before purchasing an anti-hair fall shampoo. It is essential actually to know under which category your hair type falls into. Research more or even contact an expert who could inform you whether you have dry, oily, or combination hair. Using a hair fall shampoo that focuses on one type and incorrectly using it will not be effective and is somewhat at the risk of elevating the current issues.

Find the root of the problem:

Instead of trying a newly launched product or randomly buying a different hair fall shampoo based on a non-expert suggestion, one should try to discover the root cause of their hair fall. Furthermore, wrong products, dandruff, itchy scalps, hair treatments or coloring, or other specific issues could potentially cause extra hair loss. Picking shampoos that focus on aiding these specific problems can bring out drastic results in getting rid of the hairfall woe and help you gain healthy hair.

What should be avoided:

In the quest to search for the most suitable anti hairfall shampoo, one must also be aware that although certain product advertisements or descriptions promise good riddance to their hair issues, it could also have certain harmful after-effects. Be extra cautious if one has certain allergies as well. The high consistency of chemicals like parabens and sulfates could cause more damage than do good. Be mindful of the ingredients that are being sold and research/enquire well before making the purchase.

Natural ingredients:

Shampoos with natural extracts from the many gifts of nature tend to be more effective and safe for the hair. Anti hair fall shampoo that contains castor oil, onion pulp/oil, amla extracts, etc., can not only lessen hair fall but also encourage the growth of new hair. They make the hair healthier and provide a nice sheen to it.

pH level in shampoos:

Often going unnoticed, this point is a substantial matter of concern. Hair and scalp generally require shampoos that have an optimum pH level ranging from 3.5 – 6.5. Higher or different levels unsuitable for the hair type/scalp can cause the hair follicles to weaken, resulting in more hair loss.

Apart from the more detailed points that have been discussed above, here are a few types of hair fall shampoos suggested for certain specific hair types:

  • Moisturizing and hydrating shampoos are beneficial for coarse, curly, or dehydrated and damaged hair types.
  • Frizz-control shampoos with nourishing and moisturizing contents can help tame the unruly strands and manage the frizz.
  • Voliminizing and health-boosting shampoos help aid limp and flat hair to gain better volume and make it healthier.
  • Combination hair types can generally use balanced and mild shampoos that neither make the hair too dry or oily. These kinds of shampoos are also commonly used by people who wash their hair more frequently than most.
  • Shampoos specifically customized for curly, frizzy, straightened/treated, or colored hair tend to the needed nourishments and protections required by these hair types.

Remember to be gentle while dealing with the hair, massage oils, and shampoos with no harshness and roughness lest no amount of hair fall shampoo will help your state.

These are merely a guiding route based on general assessments observed from amongst the majority. These suggestions and top pointers do not ensure that one will never complain about hair fall again. Losing a certain little amount of hair fall is normal and nothing to be alarmed for. However, if the hair loss is consistent and in larger amounts, one must surely and soon contact an expert or visit a doctor.

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