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What is CBD Paste and How to Use CBD Paste?

What is CBD Paste?

CBD Paste: The discovery of the first individual cannabinoid was made by the British chemist, Robert S. Cahn. Since then the popularity of these chemical compounds has gained traction, as more and more people find use for their multiple therapeutic benefits.

Cannabidiol is one of 113 known cannabinoids which can be extracted from the cannabis plant. It can be taken in many different ways, a relatively recent formulation being CBD paste. An advantage of cannabidiol lies in fact that it does have any psychoactive properties, unlike its cousin compound of the cannabis plant, THC.

Pure CBD paste is one of the more versatile formulations of cannabidiol products. It is a viscous liquid, which has a thicker consistency than cannabidiol oil and is often made by combining pure cannabidiol extract with oils, butter or waxes. The viscosity of this product does not allow it to be packaged in a bottle equipped with a dropper, like cannabidiol oils. Rather, it is dispensed in a syringe, which might make it a little more difficult to determine the right dosage.

The ‘paste’ formulation of this therapeutic typically has a higher concentration of cannabidiol, giving these products greater potency. It should therefore be used conservatively, in the amount needed and increased if required and based on response.

Benefits of Cannabidiol Paste

The therapeutic uses of cannabidiol are vast. It can be used for pain, anxiety and a whole host of other conditions such as:

  • Acne: A 2014 research study found that cannabidiol prevented the formation of the cells, which produce sebum (oil) in the skin. It also assists in reducing inflammation of the skin.
  • Neurological disorders: A relatively small-scale study (2009) reported a reduction in symptoms of those with Parkinson’s disease. In addition to reducing the severity of the symptoms, cannabidiol did not cause any side effects as well.
  • Cancer-related conditions: CBD paste can be useful for cancer patients as it may help with the symptoms of pain, nausea and decreased appetite. There is also some ongoing research on the use of this therapeutic for the prevention of cancer.
  • Hypertension: A recent study, in which healthy men were administered cannabidiol, found that this medication reduced resting blood pressure.
  • Sleep disorders: A study from 2019 revealed that out of 72 patients given cannabidiol capsules daily, 66.7% slept better after taking a single dosage.

How to Use CBD Paste?

Understanding the proper use of a product is essential to generating safe and effective results. The following are useful usage guidelines:

  • Manufacturers of pure CBD paste generally mix the therapeutic with natural oils, such as hemp seed oil. The medication can therefore be used easily as well as in different ways. It can be added to food and beverages directly from the syringe or administered sublingually (under the tongue) as well. The versatile formulation also allows the paste to be rubbed onto the skin as a topical treatment for skin ailments.
  • If you are new to cannabidiol products, start with a lower dosage. Once you build up tolerance to the active ingredient, you can increase the dose until you have effective relief from your symptoms. You should also swallow the paste once you have administered it orally (in cases where one is using it orally). The longer the paste remains in the mouth, the higher the chances are that it may stick to the palate or teeth and gums. This feeling can be unpleasant as well as delay the effects of the medication.
  • Raw CBD paste can also be used to make your own capsules for oral consumption. Empty capsules shells may be purchased, through online pharmacies, which can be filled with the paste to make said capsules. This method is appropriate if you require a discreet method of using cannabidiol or if you do not like the taste of this formulation.

To administer a dosage of cannabidiol paste, you should:

  • Grip the syringe in the palm of your dominant hand so that you can use your thumb to press the plunger with ease
  • Remove the safety cap off the dispenser
  • lowly press down on the plunger, so as to release a small amount of paste
  • Use the paste as desired/instructed

Is CBD paste better than CBD oil?

In general, the efficacy of this paste is not superior to (or just as effective as) other cannabidiol formulations. However, the concentration of the therapeutic in the paste may be higher than in other forms, such as gummies or oils. Furthermore, raw CBD paste may have certain advantages:

  • It is an easier way to consume higher concentrations of the medication, rather than taking several gummies or capsules at once, for example.
  • You can use the paste to make your own cannabidiol capsules.
  • It is often more cost effective.
  • Cannabidiol paste comes in different viscosities and tastes. Some may be thicker and darker, whilst others may be more liquid and lighter in colour. Some can taste bitter and intense, whilst others can taste pleasant with subtle, floral notes.

Deciding which is better, the paste or the oil, is a personal choice. Whilst some may be geared towards the ease of administration of the paste, the taste may be an acquired one.

CBD Paste for Anxiety

If you feel anxious every now and then or suffer from an anxiety disorder with regular symptoms, you are in fact one out of millions of people in the same situation. Anxiety is generally caused by a variety of environmental factors, but researchers suggest that this mental health condition may also be hereditary. This means that it is likely that the disorder may run in the family. Further research is, however, required to fully establish whether anxiety is a learned behaviour or as a result of genes.

CBD paste can effectively relieve symptoms of anxiety, whether the condition is hereditary or caused by stressful circumstances. Cannabidiol can also be helpful for the relief of symptoms related to anxiety, such as insomnia.

A more recent study (2020) evaluated 397 adults, residing in New Zealand, with psychiatric and other conditions. Researchers found that the participants using the therapeutic for anxiety and depression reportedly experienced notable improvements in their symptoms, leading to enhanced performance of daily functions. Moreover, of the entire study population, only 9.9% reported experiencing adverse effects, such as sedation – and those were mild in nature.

Using cannabidiol for anxiety is growing in popularity, as more patients and doctors are recognising the fast-acting, effective benefits with minimal side effects.

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