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CBD Oil or Medical Cannabis: Which One Is Helpful For Dogs?

Dogs deserve the best life possible. They are human’s best friend, sticking by your side through thick and thin with a wagging tail. What if it was possible to alleviate their pain? Medical marijuana and CBD oil are widely used by the human race to treat symptoms such as nausea, pain, appetite loss, and more. Are those same treatments able to be used for your furry friend? It depends. Find out what is safe to use for Fido.

CBD Oil for Dogs

Before administering anything to your dog, topically or orally, you should do thorough research to determine its potential side effects. As for CBD oil, many pet parents and professionals tout positive side effects for dogs that may be aging or going through pain due to metastatic cancers. Currently, the American Veterinary Medical Assocation states that vets can’t prescribe, administer, or even recommend the use of cannabis or any of its byproducts. However, laws are constantly changing, and moreso in the favor of cannabis use. There are many safe products out on the market, as well. For instance, CBDfx is a trusted maker of CBD for dogs.

If you’d like to try CBD oil for your pup, talk to your veterinarian first and foremost. Some potential adverse effects to watch out for include:

Sedation and lethargy

Lack of coordination

Low blood pressure

Less saliva

Drop in liver enzymes

For the latter, your vet can work with you to keep these effects in check, particularly through blood testing. These risks are rare, but without extensive studies on CBD oil for dogs, it’s best to just keep an eye on your particular pooch. Each canine will react differently. However, there are some potential outstanding benefits for trying out CBD oil. Just make sure it’s the purest solution that you can find on the market. Some of the perks of trying out CBD oil for your fluffy companion are that it’s:



Easily tolerated

For these reasons, it’s generally safe to give it a go. Especially if you notice your dog struggling with pain or other debilitating symptoms, you want to do whatever you can to decrease any suffering. There are inspiring reports of CBD oil increasing mobility and extending the life of beloved pets across the globe.

How Medical Marijuana Differs

Conversely, medical marijuana may not translate as well to the canine species. It is becoming more accepted as a medicinal plant, with modern dispensaries on downtown street corners. While there is much more research to back the positive benefits of marijuana for humans, it’s not quite the same for four-legged friends. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid component of cannabis, and it is released when the plant is smoked or ingested. It is not considered safe for animal consumption.

While it may help you feel relaxed, or you may find it amusing to get your dog high, it isn’t the smartest course of action. Dogs have sensitive systems that react differently to THC. Even in small doses or via secondhand smoke, dogs can have adverse reactions to the compound. Some issues to watch out for include seizures, vomiting, incontinence, and excessive drooling.

How To Use Cannabis For Your Dog

That being said, if you choose to try cannabis products for your dog, just proceed with caution. It could have life-changing positive results, but it’s up to you to monitor your pet for reactions. Whatever you do, avoid direct exposure to anything with traces of THC. This can be in anything from edibles to vape pens. Products that have THC in them tend to have only small amounts of CBD. You are better off heading to a reputable CBD manufacturer that caters to your dogs.

Read reviews, do your research, and follow the news that comes out surrounding veterinarian use of cannabis products. Just like humans, dogs are all different. And just like humans, dogs can have pain that needs to be managed. If your dog doesn’t respond well to harsh medications, it may be worth giving CBD oil a try. You can use a tincture to put the oil:

Directly In The Dog’s Mouth

In porous treats

Mixed Within Their Food

It’s quite possible that CBD oil can help with situational anxiety, pain management, mobility, allergies, and more ailments. There are plenty of CBD products for pets on the market these days. Make sure to look for organic hemp oil that provides the best composition for your furry friend.

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